TOPIK Study Guide, Updates

TOPIK Test – 15 Tips & Strategies for a High Score

In the first part of TOPIK TIPS, we gave you some tips on [...]

TOPIK Study Guide, Updates

10 Best Study Tips for TOPIK Test

Here we bring for you 10 tested and tried study tips on [...]

Learn Korean, TOPIK Grammar, TOPIK Study Guide, TOPIK Vocabulary

What is more important in learning Korean- Grammar or Vocabulary

Grammar vs Vocabulary debate is as old as the field of language [...]

TOPIK Study Guide, Updates

TOPIK Levels and Passing Marks

The passing scores for the different levels of TOPIK test are as following. Only [...]

TOPIK Study Guide

TOPIK I – Complete Online Preparation Course

If you are planning to take TOPIK I (level 1 or 2) [...]

TOPIK Study Guide

Will the New TOPIK be Easier or Harder?

Many readers have been asking us whether the new format of TOPIK [...]

TOPIK Study Guide, TOPIK Writing

New TOPIK II Writing: 중-고급 [Expert Feedback]

As you know, TOPIK-I has two sub levels – 1 & 2 while [...]

TOPIK Grammar, TOPIK Study Guide

한국어능력시험 고급 문법 (Advanced Korean Grammar for TOPIK)

1-는 답시고 -ㄴ 답시고 [연결어미] (1)다른 사람의 어떤 행위에 대해 그 근거가 [...]

TOPIK Study Guide, Updates

Complete Guide to New Changed TOPIK Format

Recently some major changes were introduced in the overall structure of TOPIK [...]

TOPIK Study Guide, TOPIK Writing

TOPIK Advanced Essay Writing Guide (한국어능력시험 고급 쓰기 가이드)

In the first post in TOPIK Essay Writing Series, we looked at [...]