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  • Video Tutorials for all Sections of TOPIK
  • Self-Study eBooks for TOPIK Preparation
  • Detailed Guide to TOPIK Essay Writing
  • Past TOPIK Papers, Answers, Audio Files
  • Support from TOPIK GUIDE Experts

Is This Study Package right for me?

  • Are you planning to apply for a scholarship to study in Korea or want to work in a Korean company?
  • Are you taking the TOPIK test for the first time and looking for a good Guide book that explains everything about the test and provides a detailed analysis of the test structure & question patterns, detailed preparation strategies and includes all the study material you need to pass the test with a great score?
  • Do you not find those guide books in the bookstores helpful because they just have 100+ pages of sample questions, with explanations mostly in Korean?
  • Are you tired of searching grammar explanations & vocabulary lists, sample questions, explanations etc. on internet and wish you had everything you need to study for the test well organized in a folder on your laptop and phone?
  • Do you want to prepare for TOPIK with high-quality instructional videos made by a team of best TOPIK Test experts?
  • Is Essay Writing your weakest point in TOPIK-II? Do you want to score higher in the writing section of TOPIK?
  • Have you taken TOPIK test before but want to improve your score and pass a higher level of TOPIK?

If your answer to any of the above questions is YES,
Then This study package is right for you.

Simple and Clear Video Tutorials

We explain every single question pattern of TOPIK step-by-step in simple and clear English. You can study at your own pace with the video lessons.

Printable PDF eBooks

The grammar and Vocabulary study material are well organized in PDF eBook format so that you can take printouts of whatever parts you want.

Access Anywhere

The course uses a modern Learning Management Systems and  is cloud-based, so you can access it on your phone, tablet or computer even with a slow internet. 

Power-start your TOPIK Test Preparation with us right now!

You will receive the study material access immediately after completing the purchase. You can access the complete course on your computer or phone or tablet.  

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Here’s what people are saying about the course

Our study material has helped thousands of Korean language learners pass TOPIK and achieve their goals over the years. Here is what some of them say a about this it.



Working in a Korean Company in Seoul

Best material if you don't have much time to prepare

I have a full time job, so didn't have enough time to go through all the grammar books, make notes and so on. This study package helped me focus exactly on the most important stuff. Video tutorials helped me understand how to approach different types of questions. The format and design of grammar and vocabulary content needs some improvement but the content is good.



KGSP Undergraduate Student, Yonsei University

Great study material for the price

I had bought this package first when I was taking TOPIK I a year ago. It helped me pass level 2 at that time. So when it was time to prepare for TOPIK II, I bought it again. Before buying this material I had already purchased some books but mostly I depended on TOPIK GUIDE material for my preparation. It helped me pass level 4 this time. For the price you pay, this study package is just amazing.



Post-Doc Researcher at Chonnam University

It helped me pass TOPIK 2 in 1 month

I started learning Korean only a few months back as I was having problem communicating with my professor and colleagues in my lab. Later I got to know about TOPIK and though I didn't require it, I decided to take the test to assess my learning. I got this material 1 month before the test and I can say that it helped me a lot. Finally I passed level 2 with really good score.

Self-Study with Material developed by TOPIK GUIDE Experts and Pass your Desired TOPIK Level

We want you to succeed, and your relationship with us doesn't end once the purchase is made. In fact, it starts there. We are always there to help you whether you want to clarify a grammar pattern or need any guidance about studying or working in Korea.

Essay Writing Guidance

The study package has a comprehensive guide (PDF+Video) on essay writing section but we also provide special feedback and guidance on Korean essays written by you.

Lifetime Updates

We keep our study material updated and as our valued customer you will get all the updated versions for free, directly into your inbox.

Priority Support

Whenever you have any question or problem related to your test preparation, you can just send us an email and we will be there to help you.

30 Days Refund Guarantee

We have a 30-Day No-Question-Asked Refund policy. If you don’t like the material for whatsoever reason, just write us an email and we will immediately refund your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will a TOPIK Certificate Help me?

  • TOPIK test is conducted by Korean government and candidates with TOPIK certificates are given priority for selections in scholarships, admissions to Korean universities and jobs.
  • Most of the Korean Universities have made TOPIK certificate mandatory to apply for admission. So it's a must for you if you want to study in Korea.
  • If you want to work in Korea or even elsewhere in a Korean or Korea-related company, TOPIK certificate will boost your chances of selection there.
  • TOPIK score is considered favorably for Visa applications. If you are planning to apply for a long-term permanent Korean residency visa, TOPIK certificate will add many extra points to your eligibility criteria.
  • Why should I buy this study package?

    We don’t want to brag but when it comes to study and guidance on TOPIK test, we are the no. 1 authority website  and we have been helping Korean language learners pass TOPIK and achieve their goals for more than 7 years. If you are planning to appear in the TOPIK test, this is the best study material you can buy with your money.

    Most other TOPIK test guide books in the market just have some past TOPIK papers or sample questions and answers. In most of the books, all the explanations are in difficult Korean which is not very helpful. TOPIK GUIDE Self-Study package has Past TOPIK Question papers and answer sheets along with video tutorials giving detailed analysis of the question patterns and strategies to solve them. It also gives you a proven study plan to prepare for the test along with all the vocabulary and grammar study material you will need. No books or guides available in market contains as much content as this study package.

    We can guarantee that you will not regret your decision to buy this study package. But in case you are not satisfied with our study material, you just have to write us a quick email and we will refund your money. No questions asked. We are that confident about our study package.

    Will you help me with the TOPIK essay writing?

    Writing section is probably the most difficult component of TOPIK II test and most of the test takers score the lowest in this part. The reason is not that their grammar and vocabulary skills are poor but it’s that they don’t know what TOPIK evaluators look for in their essays. That’s why we provide exclusive evaluation and feedback service to all our customers taking TOPIK II. You can write up to two Korean essays on any topics from past TOPIK test papers and send them to us. Our TOPIK experts will evaluate them on the basis of TOPIK marking scheme and will give you a detailed feedback on your weak points along with suggestions for improvement.

    What do you mean by priority support?

    We get a lot of emails from our readers everyday asking for help regarding TOPIK test preparation. Sometimes we are not able to reply to all of them immediately. As a valued customer your emails get the top priority. Whether it is a general query about TOPIK test or asking for explanation of a Korean grammar pattern or something else, our experts are just an email away.

    Will this study package help me learn Korean language?

    Though studying with this package will definitely improve your Korean language skills, the study material is not for learning Korean language from scratch. This study package focuses on helping you pass TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) and we expect you to know at least basics of Korean. If you have just started learning Korean and can’t read and understand even basic Korean sentences, this study package is not for you.

    What if I need any help with study material during test preparation?

    As our premium customer your questions/queries will get top priority from our experts! Whenever you need any assistance with your TOPIK preparation, we will be just a mail away from you. Send us your questions/queries and we will respond as quick as possible. TOPIK II test aspirants will also get individual assistance with TOPIK essay writing from our experts.

    When and how will I receive the study material?

    It is a digital study package containing PDF guide books and video tutorials and you will receive all the study material via email immediately after completing the purchase. Please note that this is NOT A PRINTED BOOK and is not delivered to your physical address.

    Will I have to pay again to get the updated study material later?

    As we already said – No! All the customers who purchase this study package will get a Lifetime Subscription to this study package. We keep updating the study material regularly and as our valued customer you will be receiving all the updates at no extra cost.

    Pricing (Limited Period Discount)





    For Level 1-2

    • TOPIK - Self-Study Guide eBook
    • Paper Structure & Question Pattern Analysis + Question Solving Strategies
    • Video Tutorials for all Sections
    • Comprehensive Grammar & Vocabulary material for TOPIK I -  Video Tutorial Set and eBooks
    • All Past TOPIK Papers + Answer sheets + Listening Audio Files

    30-Day No-Question-Asked Refund Guarantee!




    TOPIK II Package

    For Level 3-6

    • TOPIK - Self-Study Guide eBook
    • Paper Structure & Question Pattern Analysis + Question Solving Strategies
    • Video Tutorials for all Sections
    • Comprehensive Guide for TOPIK Essay Writing - 1 Hour Video Tutorial
    • TOPIK II Grammar & Vocabulary eBook-I for Level 3-4 & eBook-II for Level 5-6 Aspirants
    • All Past TOPIK Papers + Answer sheets + Listening Audio Files

    30-Day No-Question-Asked Refund Guarantee!

    If you want to pay through PayPal, you can send your payment directly to our PayPal email

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

    We have a No-Questions-Asked 100% money back guarantee policy. If you are not satisfied with our product just send us an email ( or send us a message through our Contact Page or Facebook page within 30 days from the date of purchase and we will refund your money. Plain and simple.

    Some more testimonials from our customers



    Korean language learner aspiring to study

    in Korea

    Loving it so far

    I am planning to take TOPIK II soon and want to pass level 3 so that it helps me get GKS graduate scholarship next year. I have already started studying for it and I am glad I bought this package. They have all the study material required to prepare for TOPIK well organized in a single folder.



    English Language Teacher in Seoul

    It's a real deal

    It's a real deal for the price. Believe me, the price is nothing for the content that they provide. I bought their material because I trusted the site. It's one of the oldest Korean language sites, almost as old as Talk to me in Korean and these guys are super focused on TOPIK test. So it was an obvious choice for me. 



    Graduate student, Kyung Hee University

    The tutorials on Essay writing helped me pass level 5

    I was very confident about reading and listening parts but writing was my biggest fear. I contacted TOPIK GUIDE and they gave me some tips and asked me to give their study package a try. Since they have a money back policy I bought it. I didn't check the grammar and other material much but the tutorials and content was really good and it helped me pass level 5. If I have to pay $49 just for that writing content, I would.



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