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I started learning Korean only a few months back as I was having problem communicating with my professor and colleagues in my lab. Later I got to know about TOPIK and though I didn't require it, I decided to take the test to assess my learning. I got TOPIK GUIDE course 1 month before the test and I can say that it helped me a lot. Finally I passed level 2 with really good score.


Post-Doc Researcher at Chonnam University

TOPIK GUIDE courses are really great for TOPIK test preparation. I am one of those people who prefer video tutorials over guide books. So I bought their course instead of buying TOPIK preparation books. The study material is good and they are very supportive and always answered my questions promptly.


graduate student, busan national university

Highly Recommend their beginner Korean language Course. Easy to Understand, Very Well Organized. The course may feel a bit dry at times but if learning Korean language properly is your main objective, it really delivers what it promises.


English Language teacher in seoul

I took your grammar crash course. It was amazing. The lessons were to the point and I can say my understanding of those concepts is much better now. I have been practicing with your mock tests and I feel confident that I can pass TOPIK level 2 easily now.


marketing manager at a Korean COMPANY

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