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You can download all the past TOPIK papers from this page. Solving the past TOPIK papers is the best way to prepare for the test. Practicing with past papers will help you understand your weak points in Korean grammar and vocabulary or writing and then you can work on them.

You will notice that papers of some TOPIK tests are missing from the page. The papers that you can’t find on this page were not released by NIIED, so there is no way for us to get them. All the test papers that were release by NIIED are available on this page and these papers are more than enough to prepare thoroughly for the TOPIK test.

If you are taking the TOPIK test for the first time, you should first check these pages to understand TOPIK Test structure, application process, Levels and Passing scores etc.: 1. TOPIK – The Complete Guide & 2. TOPIK Levels and Passing Marks. Many more study resources for TOPIK test and Korean learning in general are available on – Best Tips and Resources Page. You can also practice for TOPIK online with TOPIK GUIDE Mock Tests.

Whether you are going to take the TOPIK Test for the first time, or retaking it to pass a higher level, we highly recommend Complete Guide to TOPIK – Self-Study Package to prepare for the test efficiently in a short time. 

This online course prepared by our team of experts has everything you need to pass TOPIK with a high score. All the past TOPIK papers with answer sheets, grammar and vocabulary study material, video tutorials explaining the test structure, strategies to solve them, and much more.

TOPIK Test Schedule in 2023

TOPIK Test registration and exam dates, result announcement dates and so on.

Old Format TOPIK Test Papers

The format of the test has changed but the types of questions are still very identical. So, the old format TOPIK test papers are still good for practice. I would recommend to practice with the new papers first and then if you have time to do more practice, download the old format ones.

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