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34th TOPIK Beginner Level (한국어 능력 시험 34 초급)

Test Papers


Listening Audio File

34th TOPIK Intermediate Level (한국어 능력 시험 34중급)

Test Papers


Listening Audio File

34th TOPIK Advanced Level (한국어 능력 시험 34고급)

Test Papers


Listening Audio File


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  • hi, i don’t know how to download the paper files. when i click “save link/target…” it just download a html file but not the pdf file? could you help pls?

    • Click on the link and the paper will open in PDF viewer. Press Ctrl + S keys on your keyboard and save the file to your computer.

  • Are there different versions of the exam? I took the beginner exam but I had a different essay topic. Is the rest of the exam the same or is everything different? Thank you for your infos!

    • Yes, they have two versions of the test because of different time zones where the test is conducted. But it’s weird that they release only ‘B’ version of the test, (the one used in Asian countries). Though most of the questions seem to be the same in both versions. They just change the sequence of questions and answer options.

  • i would like to get topik listening audio files of 28th test, 32th test , 33th test of beginning . How can i get ? i hope by Email please

  • Good morning
    I’m really appreciate what you did for helping others.
    And I have some question, Could you tell me the exact test date in Cambodia?
    I don’t know where I can get all the information.
    And May I ask you, How to download all the paper test from the beginning? Or Is there any web to download free Topik book. I couldn’t find it in my country .
    Thanks you in advance for your help

  • Hello, thank you for the information and previous topik. I can’t listening 34th 듣기, it has only 2 minute instead of more then 40 minutes. Can you help us?

  • dear sir, it will really be commendable if u upload complete translation in english or urdu of the new EPS-TOPIK book being taught in OEC offices. if already done please inform.

  • Has anyone noticed the further back you go, the harder the tests seem? 34/33/32 were fairly simple to me, but I just did 23/22 and they were much harder!!

  • Hi,

    Aren’t there any “listening text” from the 34th listening audio file and Down to the 10th?

    Thanks a lot

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