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January 2021 TOPIK Test date Changed

January 2021 TOPIK test was supposed to take place on January 10 [...]

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Check Complete TOPIK Schedule in 2021 The 75th TOPIK Test will be [...]

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Korean Culture & Society

10 Ways to Say Happy Chuseok!

Today is the Chuseok festival in Korea. It’s the biggest traditional harvest [...]

Korea Scholarships

2021 Global Korea Scholarship – NIIED KGSP Undergraduate Scholarship

Looking for GKS Graduate Scholarship Information? Check here - GKS KGSP Graduate 2021Do [...]

Learn Korean

Colors in Korean

Today we will learn color names in Korean language. Color is called [...]

TOPIK Vocabulary

Nature Words in Korean

In this quick lesson we will learn some most common words related [...]

TOPIK Registration, Updates

[Important] TOPIK Test Date Changes due to Coronavirus Situation

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