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January 25, 2024

2nd Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) IBT Application Details (Republic of Korea)

■ Exam outline 

  – Important Note: TOPIK IBT has the same exam pattern and same grading system as the existing paper based TOPIK test.

  – Test method: Go to the designated test site on the test day and take the test using computer devices prepared at the test site.

■ Test date: March 23, 2024 (Sat)

■ Exam timetable 


Entry in the Exam Room



Check-in start time

Check-in completion time



Until 8:20





Until 11:50



※ This is a domestic timetable for Korea only, and overseas tests can be changed depending on the circumstances of the test site.

■ Test location

 –  28 testing centers nationwide

    Konkuk University, Korea University, Gangnam University, Kookje University, Konkuk University Glocal Campus, Keimyung University, Kyungsung University, Gwangju University, Kyungbok University, Namseoul University,

    Duksung Women’s University, Daegu Catholic University, Baehwa Women’s University, Bucheon National University, Busan University of Foreign Studies, Seoul National University, Seokyeong University, Sehan University, Sunmoon University,

    Seojeong University, Suwon University, Inha Technical University, Yonsei University Mirae Campus, Woosong Information University, Chonbuk National University, Jeju National University, Changshin University, Hallym University

■ How to apply: Apply online through the TOPIK website (

 – Applicant application period: January 16 (Tuesday) 10 AM ~ Frbruary 2 (Friday) 6 PM

 – If the information you entered does not match the required ID information,  you will notbeable to take the test.

 – Cancellation of applicationis possible at [My Page > Application Status > Cancellation of Application] (Available only during the application period)

  * Online application through the TOPIK website only applies to those taking the test in Korea.
* One person can apply for only one test site with one TOPIK ID.

■ Eligibility – No restrictions

■ Examination fee

Test Level Examination Fee
TOPIK Ⅰ IBT 70,000 won
TOPIK Ⅱ IBT 95,000 won

– Payment period : You can take the test only if payment is completed by 24:00 the day after the application date.
※  On the application deadline, credit card payments are only accepted until 18:00. If a virtual account is issued before 18:00, payment is possible until 24:00 the next day.

※ Payment errors may occur during banking system maintenance hours, so please avoid making payments during these times.

※ The test fee cannot be paid through overseas remittance or with a card issued overseas.

■ Refund Policy

Refund System
100% Refund 50% Refund 40% Refund
2024.1.16.(Tuesday) ~ 2.2(Fri) 18:00 2024.2.2 (Fri) 18:00 ~ 2.9. (Fri) 2024.2.10 (Sat) ~ 3.22. (Fri) 13:00

■ Printing period of admission ticket: From  Monday, March 11, 2024 to  the test date (before the test starts)

■ Application for correction of applicant information

  ○ Applicant information correction application period: 2024.2.2.(Fri) 18:00 ~ 3.18.(Mon) 23:59

  ○ How to apply for correction of applicant information: Refer to FAQ ‘Guidance on application for correction of applicant information’

  ○ After the application period, the applicant’s application information will not change even if the member information is changed in the [Edit Member Information] menu.

      Therefore, applicants who wish to change application information such as English name, date of birth, etc. within the correction period must

      [Application status]  →  Use the [Application for correction of applicant information] button / For photos, use the [Application status]  →  [Register/edit photo] button

      Therefore, the information needs to be corrected.

  ○ The range of corrections available is very limited, and you may not be able to make corrections or take the test.

  ○ All information cannot be corrected after the applicant information correction application period.

■ Score announcement date: April 16, 2024 (Tuesday) 15:00

■ Application for convenience support for people with disabilities

 : Persons with disabilities under the ‘Act on Welfare of Persons with Disabilities’ or who have practical difficulties in taking the test due to external physical disabilities

  ○ Application period: Submit to the National Institute for International Education within 5 working days after the application deadline.

  ○ Application procedure: After applying online, submit the original application for convenience support and supporting documents (in person or by mail)

   ⇒ After checking the supporting documents, you will be notified separately whether testing facilities are provided.

  ○ Address: Digital Topic Team, Korean Language Proficiency Test Center, National Institute for International Education, 191 Jeongjail-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do

  ○ For further details, refer to [TOPIK Guide] → [Test Examination Regulations] → [Guidelines for Convenience Support for Persons with Disabilities]

For questions about parking at the test site, please contact the testing center at the test site.

During the application period, please contact us for any inquiries regarding the application system, such as website use or payment, to the contact information below.

    – Telephone (TEL): 02-3668-1331 (Korean Proficiency Test Call Center)

■ If there is concern about transmission to a third party due to a legally infectious disease, taking the test may be restricted to prevent infection.


We are a team of passionate researchers from Seoul National University specializing in Korean language and linguistics. We are committed to helping international students prepare for the TOPIK test. You can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube

We are a team of passionate researchers from Seoul National University specializing in Korean language and linguistics. We are committed to helping international students prepare for the TOPIK test. You can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube

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