10 Ways to Say Happy Chuseok! 

 October 1, 2020


Today is the Chuseok festival in Korea.

It’s the biggest traditional harvest festival in Korea.

Chuseok is also known as ‘Hangawi’ and is celebrated on the 15th day of 8th month of Lunar calendar.

People visit their hometowns and relatives, exchange gifts and pay their respect to their ancestors.

The streets are filled with the smell of delicious food and autumn is in the air.

If you have a Korean friend or a Korean teacher, they will really love it if you wish them Happy Chuseok in Korean.

Here I am sharing 10 simple ways to wish someone a Happy Chuseok.

You can send these phrases as text or chat messages or say them on phone.

10 Ways to say Happy Chuseok ~
1. 즐거운 추석 되세요. (Have a Happy Chuseok).
2. 추석 연휴 잘 보내세요. (Have a great Chuseok holiday.)
3. 해피 추석 되세요. (Happy Chuseok!)
4. 즐거운 한가위 되세요. (Have a Happy Hangawi.)
5. 즐겁고 풍성한 한가위 되세요. (Have a Happy and Prosperous Hangawi.)
6. 가족과 함께 풍성하고 즐거운 추석 보내시길 바랍니다. (Have a Happy and prosperous Chuseok with your faimly.)
7. 마음이 풍요로운 행복한 한가위 보내세요. (Wish you have a happy Chuseok that enriches your heart and mind.)
8. 밝은 보름달처럼 넉넉한 한가위 명절 보내세요h. (Have a prosperous Chuseok like the bright full moon.)
9. 명절인데도 찾아뵙지 못하여 죄송하오며 내내 행복하고 건강하시기를 기원합니다. (It’s unfortunate that I am not able to wish you in person on Chuseok but I wish you eternal good health and happiness.)
10. 가정에 언제나 늘 한가위 같이 풍성하고 평화롭기를 바랍니다. (I wish that this Chuseok brings eternal prosperity, happiness and bliss to your family.


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