Colors in Korean 

 September 13, 2020


Colors in Korean

Today we will learn color names in Korean language.

Color is called 색 (saek) or 색깔 (saekkal) in Korean.

Before learning all the colors in Korean, let’s see how we can use them in a sentence.

Let’s take Red for our example.

Red is 빨간색 (Palgan-saek) in Korean.

Example Sentence:

My cap is red – 제 모자는 빨간색이에요 (Je moja-neun palgan-saek-iyeyo).

When you want to use colors before the noun you can remove the 색 and just use 빨간.

This is a red cap – 이것은 빨간 모자예요.

Now let’s learn some common colors in Korean. You can learn the correct pronunciation of the words in the video below.

Colors in Korean

한국어 Pronunciation English
Saek Color
색깔 Saekkal Color
빨간색 Palgan-saek Red
노란색 Noran-saek Yellow
파란색 Pharan-saek Blue
녹색 Nok-saek Green
하얀색 Hayan-saek White
검은색 Geomeun-saek Black
보라색 Bora-saek Purple
회색 Hoe-saek Gray
갈색 Gal-saek Brown
분홍색 Bunhong-saek Pink



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