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(으)ㄹ까요 ? [Korean Grammar]

Learning grammar is one of the most difficult things for Korean language [...]

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6000 Most Common Korean Words – 4

This is the 4th part of 6000 Most Common Korean Words List. [...]

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Colors in Korean

Today we will learn color names in Korean language. Color is called [...]

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5 Reasons to improve your Korean Vocabulary

“As vocabulary is reduced , so are the number of feelings you [...]

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What is more important in learning Korean- Grammar or Vocabulary

Grammar vs Vocabulary debate is as old as the field of language [...]

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425 Korean Slang and Phrases that will Make you Sound like a Native

됐거든. Please don’t say anything more. (Used to show that you are tired [...]

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Difference between 때문에 and 덕분에

덕분에 and ~기 때문에 have similar meaning that is “because” or “because [...]

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10 Tips to Improve your Korean Speaking Skills

Speaking Korean fluently is the ultimate goal of almost every Korean language [...]

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Most Important Basic Korean Grammar Patterns

I compiled this list of  the most basic and most important Korean [...]

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5 Proven Techniques to Improve your Korean Listening Skills

Prepare for the next TOPIK test with the best study material from [...]