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January 8, 2019
Dr. Satish Satyarthi

I compiled this list of  the most basic and most important Korean language particles, verb endings and connectors for our online basic Korean grammar course (Korean Grammar for Beginners). I am sharing that list on this page for TOPIK GUIDE readers. The list is categorised into 3 sections – Particles, Verb Endings and Connectors.

Whether you are just a beginner level Korean language learner or you are preparing for TOPIK test, you must study and understand these connectors properly as these are used very commonly in written and spoken Korean everyday.

Most Basic Korean Particles

  1. 은/는 – Topic particles
  2. 이/가 – Subject Particles
  3. 을/를 – Object particles
  4. 에/에서 – In, at
  5. – To  에서 – From
  6. 에서 – From (Place)부터 – From (Time)까지 – To/till (Place
  7. 에게/한테 – To (someone)에게서/한테서 – From (someone)
  8. 와/과/하고/랑 – And (connect two things)
  9. 나/(이)나 – Either/Or
  10. 로/ (으)로 – to/towards(direction)with (tool/method)
  11. – of/’s (belongs to)
  12. – also/too
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