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V~다 보면 [ Korean Grammar ]
December 13, 2021

Today we'll be looking at the usage of "V~다 보면" Korean grammar pattern with some example sentences.


If one does something over a period of time and then (something) will happen/occur eventually.

If you do something for a while, then.... (something  will happen).

For expressions which include results after continuously performing an action. Like for example : 

살다 보면 우스울 때가 있다.

살다보면 - When you live/ when you do the act of living,

우스울 때가 있다 - There are funny times. 

The meaning of the above sentence would be : 

There are times in life when it's funny. (살다 보면 우스울 때가 있다.)

V~다 보면 [ Korean Grammar ]

This pattern uses the abbreviation of ~다 from ~다가 which is a post-positional particle used when further clarifying the meaning of the preceding statement. It is followed by the verb to see in the conditional form (으)면 which means "If" in English.

It is conjugated after Verb ~다 보면

Future tense and past tense cannot be used with ~다 보면. 

Conjugation rule :

The conjugation rule is simple. You simply have to add ~다 보면 after the verb stem. 

For example : 

  • 가다 -  가다 보면
    If  you keep going
  • 살다 - 살다 보면
    If you keep living
  • 놀다 - 놀다 보면
    If you keep playing.
  • 피우다 - 피우다 보면
    If you keep smoking.
Lets see some example sentences :
  • 자주 이야기하다보면 친해질 수 있을 거예요.
    You can get to know her better it you keep talking to her often.

  • 놀다 보면 시간이 정말 빨리 지나가죠.
    Time flies when you are having fun. 

  • 새로운 단어를 계속 외우다 보면 점점 헷갈려요.
    If I keep memorizing new words, I gradually get confused.

  • 그 어려운 일을 계속해서 하다 보면 나중에는 아주 쉽게 할 수 있어요.
    If you continue to do that difficult work / job, you will be able to do it very easily later. 

  • 그 소도시로 가까이 가다 보면 그 대학이 왼편으로 보일 거예요.
    As you approach the town, you’ll see the college on the left. 

  • 살다 보면 좋을 때도 있고 나쁠 때도 있다.
    There are good times and bad times in life. 

  • 그처럼 많은 어린 여자애들이 담배를 피우는 것을 보면 난 우울하다.
    It depresses me to see so many young girls smoking. 

  • 그냥 복도를 따라가다 보면 그의 사무실을 찾을 수 있을 거예요.
    You’ll find his office just along the corridor. 

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