V/N (으)ㄴ/는 대로 [ Korean Grammar ] 

 August 23, 2021

By  Smriti

Learning grammar is one of the most difficult things for Korean language learners. On this blog we will try to help you learn Korean grammar in the quickest and easiest way possible. This blog will be helpful for those who are studying Korean language and want to improve their grammar skills.
Today we’ll see how to form sentences with Korean grammar pattern " V/N - (으)ㄴ/는 대로 " with some example sentences.

It is used to indicate some action which has already been experienced by the speaker before. 

It is equivalent to saying " like or as one's experience " in English.

For example :

As expected the food was spicy 

예상한 대로 음식이 너무 맵다

There are three ways to use this grammar pattern. 

This grammar pattern is used with :

  • Verb - (으)ㄴ 대로 used with past tense
  • Verb - 는 대로 used with present tense
  • Noun - 내로

Rule to conjugate :

In case of the first case : Verb - (으)ㄴ 대로 used with past tense :-

Remove 다 from the root verb and add 은/ㄴ based on whether the verb stem ends with a vowel or consonant. 

  • 은 Is added after the verb stem ending with a constant.
  • 는 Is added after the verb stem ending with a vowel.

Eg : 

  1. 본 대로 - as seen 
  2. 간 대로 as one went
  3. 온 대로 as one came
  4. 먹은 대로 as eaten
  5. 알은 대로 as one knew
  6. 쓰은 대로 as written
  7. 원한 대로 as desired
  8. 생각한 대로 as thought

In case of the second case : Verb - 는 대로 used with present tense :-

Remove 다 from the root verb and add 는 대로 based on whatever the verb stem ends with a vowel or consonant. 

는 is added after the verb stem irrespective of whether the verb stem ends with a vowel or consonant. 

Eg : 

  1. 보는 대로  as one sees
  2. 가는 대로  as one goes
  3. 오는 대로 as one comes
  4. 먹는 대로 as one eats
  5. 아는 대로 as one knows
  6. 쓰는 대로 as one writes
  7. 원하는 대로 as one desires
  8. 생각하는 대로 as one thinks

In the case of the third case : Noun - 내로 :-

Remove 다 from the root verb and add 대로 after the word. 

Eg : 

  • 생각 대로 
  • 마음 대로

Based on the previous examples let's see some sentences :

1) 그녀는 본대로 그 형사에게 설명했다.

She spoke to the detective as she finds.

2) 해 온 대로 열심히 시나리오 쓰겠다

I will write the screenplay as best. 

3) 한번 맘 먹은 대로 실행만 하면 고만이다.

Once I do what I set out to do, it's exhausting.

4) 넌 네 하고 싶은 대로 하면 돼. 내 알 바 아냐.

You can do whatever you please. I don't care.

5) 그러나 불행히도 그가 원한대로 되지 않았다.

But unfortunately it didn't work out the way he wanted.

6) 그녀는 자기가 생각한 대로 지시하지만 그것은 잘되지 않는다.

She directs as she thinks, but it doesn't work.

7) 내가 보는 대로 말하는 것 뿐이야.

I'm just telling you what I think. 

8) 그녀는 사람들 무리에 휩쓸려 가는 대로 가만히 있었다.

She stood still as she was swept away by the crowd.

9) 언니는 먹는 대로 살이 쪄서 항상 적게 먹으려고 노력을 한다.

My older sister gains weight as much as she eats, so she always tries to eat less.

10) 나는 내 마음대로 과제를 고른다.

I choose my assignments as I like. 

11) 그는 뭐든지 자기 생각대로 하려고 한다.

He will have everything his own way.

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Learning Korean can be tricky, especially when the goal of your learning is conversation. If you’ve ever attempted to speak Korean but were unable to, then hopefully you’ll find this post helpful.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions. Comment down below.

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