V ~아/어 드릴까요/줄까요? 

 November 10, 2021

By  Smriti

Today we'll be looking at the usage of " V ~아/어 드릴까요/ 줄까요 ?" with some example sentences.


~드릴까요/줄까요? is used to offer help or do a favor for the listener. It has the same meaning as "Would you like me to do something?" or "Shall I do something?". The same could be asked for asking for favour as well. 

-아/어 드릴까요? shows more respect to the listener than -아/어 줄까요?. Latter can be used in a casual polite sentences.

By adding 게요 after 드릴/줄 instead of 까요 will have the sense of assisting in response. It's a way of letting the one asking for favour that you'll be assisting or helping them.

Eg: 들어 드릴까요? 

- 네 드릴게요.

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V ~아/어 드릴까요/ 줄까요? usage
The conjugation rules are :
  • ~아 드릴까요/줄까요? is used when the stems of verbs involve 아 or 오 
  • ~어 드릴까요/줄까요? is used with the stems other than 아 or 오.
  1. 사다 -  사 드릴게요.
  2. 가르치다 - 가르쳐 드릴게요
  3. 안내하다 - 안내해 드릴게요
  4. 쓰다 - 써 드릴게요
  5. 쓰다 - 써 드릴까요?
  6. 찍다 - 찍어 드릴까요?
  7. 열다 - 열어 드릴까요?
  8. 돕다 - 도와 드릴까요?
  9. 설명하다 - 설명해 드릴까요?
Let's try to understand the usage with the following examples :

1. 창문을 닫아 드릴까요?

Shall I close the window?

2. 들어 드릴까요?

Would you like me to carry it?

3. 무엇을 도와 드릴까요? 

How can I help you?

4. Uh, how may I help you? 

어, 제가 어떻게 도와드릴까요?

5. What would you like written on the greeting card? 

축하카드에 뭐라고 써 드릴까요?

6. Do you want me to take a picture of you? 

제가 사진 찍어 드릴까요?

7. Shall I open the window for you? 

창문을 열어 드릴까요?

8. Do you want me to walk you through a delivery schedule?

내가 당신에게 배송일정을 자세히 설명해드릴까요?

9. Let's go eat lunch together. I will buy lunch for you today.

같이 점심 먹으러가요. 오늘 제가 점심을 사 드릴게요.

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