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V-는 통에 [Korean Grammar]
October 30, 2021

Today we'll be looking at the usage of ~는 통에 with some example sentences. 

It has the similar usage as ~는 탓에 and ~는 바람에 which are also used to state reason or cause behind negative expressions. 


An expression used to indicate the situation or cause of the bad result mentioned in the following statement.

It is used to express reason or cause in the first clause which resulted in the failure of the second clause of the sentence. 

Because the first clause stems from the complications, second clauses often appear as negative.

V-는 통에 [Korean Grammar]
The rule to conjugate is simple: 

You simply have to add ~는 통에 after the verb stem. 

Let's see some sentences as an example : 

1) He annoys me because he's loud and talks too much.

그 사람은 시끄럽고 너무 많이 말하는 통에 날 귀찮게 함

2) The flight was delayed due to snow.

눈이 오는 통에 비행기가 출발을 지연 됐습니다.

3) I can't concentrate when the kids are making a lot of noise.

아이들이 시끄럽게 떠드는 통에 집중이 안 된다.

4) The movie was so boring that it was all yawning.

영화가 영 재미없는 통에 지루해서 하품이 다 나왔다.

5) A: Jisoo, you look tired today.

가:지수 씨, 오늘 피곤해 보이네요.

B: Yes~ I couldn't sleep at all because my baby cried all night.

나: 네~ 아이가 밤새 우는 통에 전혀 못 잤어요.

There are few things in mind when using this :

1) It cannot be used with imperative sentences.

2) It is used to express negative expressions only. It should not be used in the sentences with the end result being hopefully or positive.

3) This is used in situations where the end result is negative. 

4) There are three nouns after which this grammar can be used with i.e 전쟁, 장마 and 난리 

  • She was orphaned in the war.

그녀는 전쟁 통에 고아가 되었다.

  • He died in the ravage of war. 

그는 난리 통에 죽었다

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