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October 22, 2021

"V+느라고" Korean grammar pattern has a very interesting usage and has been a little difficult for new learners to understand the usage at first.

Today we’ll learn how to conjugate this grammar pattern and learn how to form sentences with "V+느라고" with some example sentences

Usage of V+느라고 :

Used when you are unable to do something because you were either interrupted or because you had been doing something else.

The statement given in the preceding clause is the reason for, or cause of the following clause.

Conjugation rule :

The conjugation rule is simple. You just need to remove 다 from the verb stem and attach ~느라고 directly to the verb stem, irrespective of whether the verb stem ends in consonant or vowel.

Examples of V+느라고:
  1. 가다 - 가느라고 
  2. 공부하다 - 공부하느라고
  3. 보다 - 보느라고
  4. 잃다 - 잃느라고
  5. 사다 - 사느라고
Specific usage of V+느라고 :
  1. This grammar point is a little negative in nature.
  2. Verb preceding ~느라고 is always in present tense.
  3. The shortened form V+느라 can also be used.
  4. Subject stays the same in both clauses.
Some example sentences :

1. 청소를 하느라고 힘들 었어요. 

It was really hard to clean.

2. 피아노를 사느라고 돈을 모두 써 버렸다.

I spent all my money buying a piano.

3. 뭐 하느라고 이렇게 늦었어요?

What were you doing to be so late?

4. 청소 하느라고 계속 집에 있었어요.

I stayed at home to clean up.

5. 야근하느라고 수고하셨어요.

Thank you for working overtime.

6.그녀는 약속 시간에 대어 가느라고 서둘러 떠났다.

She dashed off to keep an appointment.

7. 단어 찾을 때마다 다른 단어들 보느라고 몇 분씩 더 걸려요.

Every time I look up a word, I spend a few more minutes reading about other words.

8. 그 새 장비를 사느라고 회사 재정에 큰 공백이 생겼다.

Buying the new equipment left a big hole in the company’s finances.

9. 내 또래 애들은 보통 공부하느라고 너무 바빠.

Kids around my age are usually too busy studying.

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Learning Korean can be tricky, especially when the goal of your learning is conversation. If you’ve ever attempted to speak Korean but were unable to, then hopefully you’ll find this post helpful.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions. Comment down below.

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