Usage of 만약 

 September 6, 2021

By  Smriti

Learning grammar is one of the most difficult things for Korean language learners. On this blog we will try to help you learn Korean grammar in the quickest and easiest way possible.

This blog will be helpful for those who are studying Korean language and want to improve their grammar skills.

Today we’ll see the usage of 만약 with some example sentences.

Usage of 만약

만약 is used when the speaker thinks of any unexpected case or situation that might happen.

It is equivalent to saying " supposing / in case " in English.

Lets see some examples to understand the usage :-

  • If this gets out there will be trouble.

만약 이것이 알려지면 곤란해질 것이다.

Lets see some examples to understand the usage :

1) If untreated, the illness can become severe. 

만약 치료를 안 받으면 병이 심해질 수가 있다.

2) Can I return it if it doesn't fit?

만약 안 맞으면 바꿀 수 있나요? 

3) In the event of an accident, call this number. 

만약 사고가 생기면 이 번호로 전화를 해요.

4) If it rains tomorrow, I'll stay home.

만약 내일 비가 온다면 집에 있어야지.

5) She took out life insurance just in case.

그녀는 만약을 생각해서 생명 보험을 들었다.

6) I won't stand by if that happens.

만약 그런 일이 일어난다면 가만있지 않겠다.

7) I won't stand by if that happens.

만약 그런 일이 일어난다면 가만있지 않겠다.

8) If I can't go home, you guys should at least go on your own.

만약 내가 집에 못 가게 되면 너희들끼리라도 가도록 해라.

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Learning Korean can be tricky, especially when the goal of your learning is conversation. If you’ve ever attempted to speak Korean but were unable to, then hopefully you’ll find this post helpful.

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