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Korean Webtoons are digital comics that originated in South Korea. Quite popular among Koreans, they can easily be accessed on computers or smartphones while you're on the go to your work or college.

To not much of your surprise the term "Webtoon" has been derived from "Web" as anything that can be accessed on web and "Toon" from 'cartoon', a common English term used for 2D animations.

You'll probably hear the term "만화 (Manhwa)" which are referred to the paper comic books same as "Manga" but Webtoons is generally the term used for web comics.

Korean webtoons - TOPIK GUIDE

Korean webtoons

The webtoon industry has grown dramatically since past 5-6 years. With more foreign readers and companies investing in the art and time for hiring the talents.A lot of effort goes into the creation and promotion of the final product, and it's here to stay.

How to learn Korean from webtoons?

While some may enjoy reading paperback books in the traditional way. Investing the time more on character with clear visualization and interesting story line while engaging with the fandom may sound like a good deal to some. 

Even if you don't consider yourself a typical reader, using comics and Webtoons will do more good than harm in your Korean language journey. 

  1. First, they are a great source of conversation input, with tons of examples and ways you can learn formulating your own sentences. 
  2. There is an immense number of useful vocabulary and grammar patterns with the usage. 
  3. The content is available in bite size easy for you to retain.
  4. They are not heavy on words and you can choose your own pace, how fast or slow you'd want to read it. 
  5. Retaining words and phrases is generally easier when you follow a storyline and can actually use it in your daily life.
  6. They kind of help in understanding the ways Koreans live their daily life and how they respond to certain things. Generally their attitude and way of thinking, which makes you understand things more clearly subconsciously. 

Moreover it's entertaining !! So you will have your attention placed and eyes glued to the screen for the longest of hours. 

We talked about how the Webtoons might help you increase your retaining speed. Let's talk about the variety and Webtoons of your choice. 

Like any comics or pop culture content Webtoons have "genres" that goes from Horror to romance and everything in between. 

You can pick up a genre that suits you like romance, horror, slice of life, fantasy, comedy, dark comedy, educational, sports etc etc. Besides, the websites and apps always provide options to select your genre to read so you'll be good with it.

Complete Guide to TOPIK - Self Study Package BX0121

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TOP 10 Webtoons for Korean learners

Since we are talking about Webtoons let's look at top 10 Webtoons which you might wanna consider reading to improve your Korean language :

Solo Leveling

The story of Solo Leveling involves people who go into dungeons to fight monsters for money. Our main character, Jinwoo, lives a hard life. His mom’s hospital bills need to be paid, as does his sister's school fees. Jinwoo doesn’t like dungeon raiding but he does it to help his family. To improve his stats, Jinwoo needs to physically train and defeat more dungeons. (RightStuf)


The story revolves around the main protagonist Cadis Etrama Di Raizel and his loyal servant Frankenstein along with the human friends they meet as they oppose a secret human organization and while at the same time, uncovering more about Rai's past. (Noblesse WIKI)

The Sound Of Your Heart

While it may seem like a mere depiction of everyday life, The Sound of Your Heart is a comedy filled to the brim with wit, sarcasm, and parody. It gives no regard for the probable or realistic- it is a series of absurd situations that is sure to get a laugh out of every reader willing to suspend their sense of reality. (Naver WEBTOONS)


There is nowhere that Seon Jin can find solace. At school, he is ruthlessly bullied due to his unsettlingly quiet nature and weak appearance. However, this is not the source of Jin's insurmountable terror. The thing that he fears more than anything else is his own father who is a successful businessman, good samaritan, and doting parent. But that is merely a facade; in truth, he is a deranged serial killer—and Jin is his unwilling accomplice. (My Anime list)

Tower Of God

“Tower of God” tells the story of a boy named Twenty Fifth Baam (Baam can mean “night” or “chestnut”) who spends his life imprisoned underground with virtually no human contact other than a girl named Rachel. One day, Rachel leaves to enter the mysterious “Tower” to chase her dream of seeing the starry night sky. With his world gone, Baam chases after her, entering the structure as well. He faces challenges on each floor, navigating his way through a new world and its strange inhabitants. (Study Breaks)


The story follows Dongtae, an unlucky boy who has problems with almost everything including a girl that he can't get or doesn't want to be embarrassed about. Looks, grades, and even getting bullied, he hates his life. But everything changes when Taebin, a Dicer, transfers. Upon obtaining a mysterious, iridescent dice, his life becomes a little more interesting. ( DICE Wiki )


The story revolves around a high school student who can switch between two bodies—one that is fat and ugly, and the other that is fit and handsome. His days are always split between the two bodies, his handsome form for the daytime and the original for the night. As Daniel lives his life with his two bodies, he begins to see just how much the world discriminates against people for being unattractive or different, hence the titular name of "Lookism". (Lookism Wikipedia)

Itaewon Class

Due to an accident which killed his father, Park Sae-ro-yi attempted to kill Jang Geun-won, the son of Jangga Group's founder, Jang Dae-hee. He was jailed and the woman he loved, Oh Soo-ah, was offered a university scholarship by Jang Dae-hee and later became the Strategic Planning Head of Jangga Group. After his release from prison, Park Sae-ro-yi opens Danbam in Itaewon. He wants to be successful and seeks revenge towards Jangga Group. However, he is not too smart at managing his business. He then meets Jo Yi-seo.

Navillera : Like A Butterfly

After the funeral of an old friend, Deok-Chul Sim resolves to pursue something he had always wanted to try: ballet. Much to the surprise (and maybe~ horror) of his wife, children, and other acquaintances, this 70-year-old throws himself into following his heart and his passion. With the help of his young instructor Chae-Rok and others hoping for their own ambitions to take flight, Deok-Chul shows the importance and joy of pursuing one's dream… even in the face of hardships and our own mortality. (Korean webtoons wiki)

Mystic Pop-Up Bar

Burned out from dealing with their difficult lives, they are all at the end of their ropes... until they come across the Mystic Pop-Up Bar. Beckoned by its warm promise of delicious food and free-flowing drinks, they end up pouring out their troubles to the sympathetic ear of the proprietor, Wolju. The keeper of the DreamWorld, she uses her powers to improve the lives of her customers, one late-night session at a time. (Korean Webtoons wiki)

Websites to read webtoons

To comprehend the popularity of Webtoons among people, popular search engines like NAVER and DAUM have the entire section or app dedicated to it. The quick and easy accessibility on their websites or apps and frequent communication with the creator/artists have been some of the few reasons why people keep coming back for more.

To cater the huge audience webtoons are now available in various platforms. Some paid and some readily available on the internet. There are five websites for you to read Webtoons without hassle. Namely, 

  1. Naver Webtoons
  2. Daum Webtoons
  3. Kakao page
  4. Toomics
  5. Lezhin comics

The unique and authentic content which Webtoons provides adds to its fame so much so a lot of Webtoons have been adapted into Korean Netflix and drama series.

Thank you reading^^

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