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Using Korean slang to your vocabulary is the perfect way to spice up your everyday Korean conversation by sounding more like locals. Korean slang phrases mentioned below is just a representation of how Koreans find interesting and rather funny ways to express certain situations. 

Lets look at some of those popular Korean slang phrases :

  1. Are you pissed off? - 너 삐졌니?
  2. Leave me alone. - 놔둬!
  3. Awesome!! - 대박이다!! 
  4. That is a masterpiece - 띵작이다 띵작 !
  5. Fast delivery - 총알배송 (Bullet delivery)
  6. Best recipe - 황금 레시피 (Golden recipe)
  7. Hot Americano - 뜨아 (Comes from 뜻한 메리카노 )
  8. Iced Americano - 아아 (Comes from 이스 메리카노)
  9. You got me. - 낚였어
  10. That's a lame joke. - 썰렁하군
  11. I drank too much. I don't remember anything - 나 필름 끊겼나바, 기억이 안나. (I film got cut. I don't remember anything.)
  12. You got overcharged/ripped  - 너 바가지 썼어 (Someone made you wear a bucket.)
  13. I waited for long - 눈이 빠지도록 기다렸어 (I waited until my eyes fell out.)
  14. He definitely took a bribe - 분명히 사과상자 받았어 (He clearly received an apple box.) 
  15. This is really good with rice - 이거 완전 밥도둑이다. (This is a rice thief.)
  16. My whole body aches. - 몸살에 걸려 온몸이 쑤신다.
  17. Did something and try to lie about it. - 닭 잡아먹고 오리발 내민다(Someone who eats chicken and give you a duck's foot/ Someone who does something and lies about it.) 
  18. Your mouth is rough - 입이 거칠다
  19. None of your business./ Mind your own business. - 너나 잘 해 (Just do good to yourself.)
  20. Don't get on my nerves. - 내성질 건드리지 마
  21. He deserves it. Serves him right. - 쌤통이다
  22. You are wasting your time! - 삽질하네 (Someone doing the unnecessary work/shoveling)
  23. That place rocks! That place kicks! - 거기 물 좋다
  24. It's raining heavily outside - 하늘에 구멍이 뚫렸나? (Is there a hole in the sky?)
  25. This is so expensive - 무슨 금칠했나? (Did they paint it with gold?)
  26. That's just my pipe dream - 그림의 떡이야! (It's rice cake in a picture.) 
  27. Stop! I heard enough - 그만 말해 ! 귀에 못이 박히도록 들었어 (Stop! I've been hearing till a nail stuck in my ear.)
  28. No matter where he goes, he'll do just fine. - 쟤는 어디가도 굶어죽진 않겠다 (No matter where he goes, he will never starve.)
  29. You won't be disappointed! 섭섭하지 않게 해드리겠습니다!
  30. That's piece of cake right. - 그건 식은 죽먹기죠. (That's simple as drinking 식"punch" and eating 죽"porridge".)
  31. Just wait and see! - 두고보자!
  32. What are friends for? - 친구 좋다는 게 뭐야?
  33. I feel good. - 몸이 날아갈 것 같애 (Feeling like flying high)
  34. Suit yourself. - 니 맘대로 하세요 (Do as you feel like.)
  35. I've still got it. - 아직 옛날 실력 안 죽었어 (Old skills hasn't died.)
  36. Don't take it personally. - 너 들으라고 한 소리 아냐.
  37. You should keep quiet. - 가만히 있으면 중간이나 가지 (If you do nothing, you can be at least average.)
  38. Your joking is going a little too far. - 장난이 좀 심하군
  39. Don't try to butter me up. - 알랑거리지마.
  40. 24 hours is not enough to finish my work - 할 일이 너무 많아 몸이 열 개라도 부족해( I have so much to do that even ten bodies would not be enough.)
Complete Guide to TOPIK - Self Study Package BX0121

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