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Today we'll be looking at the usage of "Noun 쯤" Korean grammar point with some examples.

Usage :

쯤 means approximately, around, about, approximately etc.

For example, if you want to say, "Lets meet around 1 pm", you can say, "오후 한 시쯤 만나요". So 쯤 can be added after nouns like numbers and time to indicate approximation.

It is equivalent to saying about, almost, some, around, more or less etc. in English.

Conjugation rule :

You simply have to add ~쯤 after the Noun.

Let's see some example sentences to understand this grammar properly. 

1.It takes around 30 minutes by subway.

지하철로 30분쯤 걸려요.

2. I will see you around 2 O'clock.

시쯤 만나자.

3. Around the end of May.

5월말 쯤.

4. I met her around this time last year.

작년에 이때쯤 그녀를 만났어요.

5. I finished my school assignment in about 10 minutes.

학교 과제를 10분 쯤 만에 끝냈어요.

Bonus Tips

  • "정도" has the same meaning and function as '쯤'. So, 10분쯤 = 10분 정도. The only difference between 정도 and 쯤 is that 정도 is colloquial and used in speaking more while 쯤 can also be used in writing.
  • There is another word '앾' having similar usage as 쯤 and 정도 but 약 is added before the noun not afterwards. Ex: 10분쯤 = 약 10분.
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