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Today we'll be looking at the usage of "A/V/N -ㄴ/은/는 대신(에)" Korean grammar point with some examples.

Usage :

This grammar pattern is equivalent of saying 'instead of'. For example, if you want to say, "I'll have pizza instead of rice", then you can say, "밥 대신에 피자를 먹을게요". This grammar pattern is used to indicate that the following content is different from or opposite to the previous content.

Conjugation rule :

To use this grammar pattern in a sentence with Nouns you'll just have to add 대신에 after the noun.

For adjectives, after removing 다 from the stem, If the stem ends with a consonant add ~은 대신에 and if the stem ends with a vowel add ~ㄴ 대신에.

For verbs, you'll first have to remove 다 from the base form of the verb and then have to add 는 대신에 after it.

Note that the ~에 is optional and usually omitted and that in the recompense meaning the verb can appear with no change in the overall meaning of the pattern.

 Let's look at some examples below:

1. Use a fork instead of chopsticks.

젓가락 대신에 포크를 사용헤요.

2. I will go in his place. (Instead of him)

대신 제가 가겠습니다.

3. Give me tea instead.

대신 홍차를 주세요.

4. I'll give you this book in return.

대신 너에게 이 책을 줄게.

5. Rest instead of playing.

노는 대신 쉬세요.

6. Read instead of write.

쓰는 대신 읽으세요.

7. You're mean instead of pretty.

예쁜 대신 못돼요.

8. Yoo-min is fat instead of tall.

유민이는 키가 큰 대신 뚱뚱해요.

9. Minjun is good at singing but can't dance.

민준이는 노래를 잘 하는 대신 춤은 못 처요.

10. If you study here, you can sleep well instead of being quiet.

여기서 공부를 하면 조용한 대신 잠이 잘 와요.

11. My mom is good at cooking but not good at cleaning.

엄마는 요리를 잘 하는 대신 청소를 잘 못해다.

12. Instead of going to the office I worked at home.

회사에 출근 안 하는 대신 집에서 일을 했습니다.

13. Please say hello to him instead of me.

대신 선생님이 그 분에게 안부를 전해 주십시오. 

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