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Today we'll be looking at the usage of " A/V ~(으)ㄴ/는지 " Korean grammar point with some example sentences.

Usage :

A connective ending used to indicate an ambiguous reason or judgment about the following statement.

It is a sentence-final ending used to indicate a vague doubt.

Conjugation rule :
The basic conjugation rules are :

Present tense : Adjectives

  • When the stem ends with a vowel add ~ㄴ지 
  • When the stem ends with a consonant add ~은지

Present tense : Verbs

Add ~는지 irrespective of whether the verb stem ends with a consonant or vowel. 

Past tense : Adjectives/Verbs

  • If the stem ends with 오 or 아 add ~았는지 after the stem.
  • If the stem ends with anything other than 오 or 아 add ~었는지 after the stem.

Future tense : Verbs

  • If the verb stem ends with a vowel add ~ㄹ 건지 at the end. 
  • If the verb stem ends with a consonant add ~을 건지 at the end.

Let's see some example sentences :

1) It was so expensive that I couldn't buy the item.

어찌나 비싼지 차마 그 물건을 살 수 없었다.

2) I was worried if my younger brother fell down the stairs and got hurt.

동생이 계단에서 넘어져 다친 건 아닌지 걱정이 되더군요.

3) Are you healthy these days?

요즘 건강하신지?

4) Time flies so fast!

세월이 어찌나 빠른지!

5) I was so happy that I hummed automatically.

어찌나 기분이 좋은지 콧노래가 절로 나왔어요.

6) Are you the same age as Jisoo?

지수와 나이가 같은지

7) Is it okay to choose this book ?

이 책으로 선택해도 좋은지 ?

8) Is it okay to eat dinner now?

지금 저녁을 먹어도 괜찮은지?

9) Don't you have enough travel funds?

여행 자금이 충분하지 않은지?

10) Let's see if Seung Kyu did well on the test.

승규가 시험은 잘 쳤는지.

11) How are all the adults doing?

집안 어른들은 다 잘 계시는지?

12) Is there a reason you can't say why you suddenly quit your job?

갑자기 직장을 그만둔 말 못할 이유가 있는지.

13) Jisoo said that all of a sudden, so I was really flustered.

지수가 갑자기 그런 말을 해서 얼마나 당황스러웠는지!

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