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V~ ㄴ/는 다는 것 [Korean Grammar]

Today we'll be looking at the usage of "V ~ㄴ/는 다는 것" with some example sentences.


An expression used to indicate that a result not intended during the preceding act appears in the following statement. This expression can have the meaning of " instead ended up (doing something)" or "but instead". 

It is used with verbs only.

V~ ㄴ/는 다는 것 [Korean Grammar]
The conjugation rule is simple :

1. If the verb stem ends with a consonant then ~는다는 것 is used.

For ex : 일을 돕는다는 것이 오히려 방해가 되었어요.

I was trying to help but instead I got up in the way.

2. If the verb stem ends with a vowel then ~ㄴ나는 것 is used. 

For ex : 공책에 쓴다는 것이 책에 쓰고 말았네요.

I said I would write in the notebook but instead wrote in the book.

Let's try to understand the usage with the following examples :

1) 출발하기 전에 전화한다는 것이 깜빡했어요.

I was going to call before departure but forgot.

2) 쓰레기를 버린다는 것이 중요한 서류까지 같이 쓰레기통에 넣었어요.

I was throwing the waste but instead threw important documents in the trash can as well.

3) 국수를 삶는다는 것이 라면을 끓였어요.

I was boiling noodles but instead boiled ramen.

4) 창문을 닫는다는 것이 그대로 열어 두었네요.

I was closing the window but instead opened. 

5) 설탕을 친다는 것이 소금을 쳤어요.

I thought I was putting sugar but instead I added salt. 

6) 한 번 초대한다는 것이 바빠서 못 했지요.

I was going to invite them but instead I got busy. 

7) 쉽게 설명한다는 것이 잘못해서 어려워졌습니다.

I wanted to give a simple explanation but instead I ended up with a difficult explanation.

8) 비밀로 한다는 것이 모든 사람에게 알려졌나 봐요.

He was going to keep it a secret but I think everyone knows.

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