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Today we'll be looking at the usage of "V~(으)려던 참이다" with some example sentences.


It is used when a person has considered doing an action, but another action happens which overlaps with the original planned action. 

It can be understood as “was about to” , “on the verge of" or "intending to.”

It might take some time to understand the usage completely but after a few usages you'll be able to figure it out. 

V~(으)려던 참이다
Let's try to understand the usage with the following examples :  
  • 사려던 참이다
  • 열려던 참이다
  • 잠을 자려던 참이다
  • 나가려던 참이다
  • 전화하려던 참이다
Now let's look at the conjugation rule :
  1. When the verb stem ends with a consonant, add 으려던 참이다 after removing 다 from the root verb.

1) I was just about to eat. 

막 밥을 먹으려던 참이었다.

2) I was just about to have lunch, care to join me?

막 점심을 먹으려던 참인데 같이 갈래요?


  1. When the verb stem ends with a vowel, add 려던 참이다 after removing 다 from the root verb. 

1) We were about to go home anyway. 

막 집에 가려던 참이었어요.

2) I am on my way to New York shortly. 

난 짧게나마 뉴욕에 가려던 참이었다.

3) I was just about to leave.

막 나가려던 참이었다

4) We were about to call the police. 

우리는 경찰에 전화하려던 참이었다.

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