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Today we'll be looking at the usage of " V~ㄴ/은 지 시간 됐다 " Korean grammar point with some example sentences.

Usage :

V~ㄴ/은 지 시간 됐다 is used to convey that 'some time has passed since an event occurred' or "It has been (time) since I did something".


저는 결혼을 한지 2년 됐어요.
It’s been 2 years since I got married.

Conjugation rule :
The basic conjugation rules are :
  • When the verb stem ends with a vowel, add ~ㄴ지 
  • When the stem ends with a consonant, add ~은지

For Example:

하다- 한지

먹다- 먹은 지

Let's see some example sentences :
  • 학교 졸업한 지 한 달 되었어요.
    It’s been one month since I graduated.
  • 저는 한국에 온 지 2년 됐어요.
    It’s been 2 years since I came to Korea.
  • 결혼을 한 지 4년 됐어요.
    It’s been 4 years since I got married.
  • 기차가 출발한 지 10 분이 됐습니다.
    It has been 10 minutes since the train left.
  • 미나를 만난지 1년이 지났습니다.
    Its been a year since I met Mina.
  • 시골 음식을 먹은 지 몇 달이 지났습니다.
    Its been months since I eat my country food.
  • 망고를 먹은 지 오래 되었습니다.
    Its been ages since a eat mango.

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