Ultimate list of Cooking related Korean Words (verbs) 

 July 15, 2021

By  Smriti

The kitchen is the heart of a home, and plays an important role in Korean culture. If you are doing activities like baking , making kimchi or washing fruits in your kitchen, you will have to touch vocabulary related to eating and cooking. If you are going to learn Korean it’s better to  know how to say things properly. In this article I am trying to give some Korean verbs that can be used while cooking.

The language used in the kitchen is rich with expressions to describe cooking and other activities performed there.

Following are 15 verbs related to cooking and kitchen activities in Korean language.

The cooking verbs is called 요리 동사.

  1. 씻다 – To wash
  2. 헹구다 – To rinse
  3. 물기를 빼다 – To drain
  4. 불리다 – To soak
  5. 짜다 – To squeeze
  6. 껍질을 벗기다 – To peel
  7. 깨다 – To crack
  8. 무게를 달다 – To weigh
  9. 자르다 – To cut
  10. 잘라내다 – To cut off
  11. 썰다 – To Slice or chop
  12. 얇게 썰다 – To thinly slice
  13. 다지다 – To mince or finely chop
  14. 갈다 – To grate
  15. 넣다 – To add
  16. 붓다 – To pour
  17. 끓이다 – To boil
  18. 삶다 – To cook in boiling water
  19. 데치다 – To Blanch
  20. 찌다 – To steam
  21. 뜸 들이다 – To steam thoroughly
  22. 졸이다 – To boil down
  23. 굽다 – To Roast, grill or bake
  24. 튀기다 – To fry
  25. 볶다 – To stir fry
  26. 벗다 – To stir
  27. 부치다 – To griddle
  28. 섰다, 비비다, 버무리다 – To mix
  29. 무치다 – Add seasoning and mixing
  30. 재우다 – To marinate
  31. 으깨다 – To mash
  32. 밀어서 펴다 – To roll out
  33. 뿌리다 – To sprinkle
  34. 떨어뜨리다 -To drop
  35. 바르다 – To spread
  36. 맛보다 /간보다 – To Taste
  37. 간을 맞추다 – To add seasoning to match taste


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