TOPIK Practice Test – New TOPIK II Reading – Intermediate Advanced level 

 May 3, 2014

By  Satish Satyarthi

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[mtouchquiz 4]

  • Glitches noted:
    Q17 is equal to Q13

    Q42: there’s no underlined part

    Q46: phrases to insert are empty

    Q50: there’s no underlined part

  • question 39 and 41 have not sentence
    and question 43 options B and C are the same when they should be different

  • Q.24. Apparently the correct answer is ‘A’. But surely it is ‘B’?! The call was for her mum, right?!

    I am struggling to figure out whether I’m wrong or the answersheet is wrong! I figure it’s got to be me, but I just can’t understand how A is the right answer, not B!

    (Got level 6 overall)

    ps thanks for an *awesome* site!!!!

    • Actually both the answers seem to be right. The call was for her mom (Answer B) and the girl didn’t want to talk so she just hung up (Answer A). But the official answer released by NIIED is A. May be because technically it’s not clear if the phone was for her mom or some other family member. The caller just asked if it was 현화네’s house.

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