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Register for TOPIK Test Online
February 15, 2022
Dr. Satish Satyarthi

If you are planning to take the TOPIK test in Korea, you can register for it Online. If you are living in any other country you will have to contact the Korean embassy, Korean Cultural Center or affiliate institutions. They will help you with the registration.

You can find the information about the next TOPIK Test on THIS PAGE. You can also download the Past TOPIK Papers or take a mock test on our website..

Register for the Next TOPIK Test in Korea

TOPIK Test Registration in Your Country

Topik result

Once you've opened the official website of TOPIK you can change the language of your choice from the options provided.

Follow the step mentioned below to Register for TOPIK on the Official TOPIK Website :

STEP 1 : Login

If you look at the top right corner of the site, you will see 로그인 (Log in) and 회원가입(Sign Up) menu options. If you haven’t created an account on TOPIK site already you will need to click on 회원가입 and sign up. If you already have your ID and Password, just 로그인.

You can do that by clicking HERE !!


STEP 2 : Register

Click on 시험접수 or "Register for TOPIK" button on the left corner of the page which will directly take you the next page.

Check the schedule for the application period. If it is not the application period, you cannot register.

Click on 접수하기 for starting the registration process.


STEP 3 : Select test center

Now choose the test site. Search for the test site you want or check the list of test sites available.

Click the test level you want to appear for.

The number of applicants who have applied for the test is indicated. Note that you cannot choose a test center that has already reached its full capacity. Once the seats are full applications will no longer be accepted.


STEP 4 : Enter Information

Check the registration information, including the test level and test center under 시험접수정보.

Enter your personal information under 개인정보 입력 and click the 다음단계 button.


STEP 5 : Upload Photo

Upload a photo file by clicking the 사진 수정/등록하기 "Edit/Upload Photo" button.

Make sure that the photograph you are trying to upload meets the requirements. If your identity cannot be confirmed based on the photograph you have provided on the day of testing, you might be penalized.


STEP 6 : Check/Edit Information

Check the test level, test center, and registered personal information again and click the 다음단계 button for final payment.

If the registered information is incorrect, click the 이전단계 button which will take you to the previous page. 


STEP 7 : Pay registration fee

You can pay the registration fee either by credit card 신용카드 or by bank transfer 가상계좌 (virtual account).

If you choose to pay by bank transfer (virtual account), you must enter the information required in case of a refund. In the case of bank transfer (virtual account), a unique account number is assigned to each individual, so make sure to accurately enter the account number assigned specifically to you.


STEP 8 : Check registration details

Check whether your transaction and registration were successful.

Your registration details can be viewed on the Registration Status page under My Page "마이 페이지"


You’re done! Now go to This Page, download previous TOPIK papers, check some other study material and tips on our Resource Page and get ready for study.

If you are going to take the TOPIK Test for the first time, or if you want to give your score a boost so that you can pass a higher level, we would strongly advise you to get the Complete Guide to TOPIK – Self-Study Package. It is a digital study package that has everything you need to get a great score in the TOPIK test – all the past TOPIK papers with answer sheets, grammar and vocabulary study material, video tutorials explaining the test structure, strategies to solve them and much more. You can check out more details about this study package HERE.

All the best!

  • Signed up for my 1st attempt at TOPIK. I have downloaded some tests and and will be back for more. Good luck to everyone else.

    • Please kindly give me the details regarding how to take the exam for TOPIK as this is my first attempt to take examination

  • Hi! You wrote that only people who live in korea can apply online, right? I live in Europe and ive contacted the embassy. They only showed me that site which you were talking about. So I guess it means that I have to register like this as well… What do you think about it??

    • The January test will be held only in Korea. For that you can apply online from anywhere.
      If you want to appear in the test outside Korea you will have to wait for April test.

  • Hello Sir, I’m from Philippines, just wanna ask when is the scheduled date of examination here in the Philippines? and one more thing Sir, do you think they would allow females to take the exam? I am a jobseeker, aspiring to work in Korea as factory worker.So then, i need to undertake the exam and pass it to get a chance to work there. But i’ve read that, female workers are restricted to register for the exam due to slow demand. . .but i hope, i just hope, they’d allow females to take the exam. . hope to hear from you Sir. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

  • I want to apply as a PhD student in a University at Korea, they are offering some exemption if someone have TOPIK score of 5 or 6. Right now I do not have any knowledge about Korean language, suggest me how much practice is required to get this score.

    • TOPIK level 5 or 6 needs advanced level proficiency in the language and will take you long time (for most of the people, it takes more than a year) to achieve it if you are going to start from beginning.

  • Thanks for all the helpful info on your website! I want to suggest a tip be added to the online registration process for Korea. Tip is to register on the 1st or 2nd day of the Registration Period. I just tried to register for the 34th Test, with 4 days left in the registration period, but there are no test seats available. I can keep checking and hope someone cancels to open up a spot, but otherwise will have no choice but to wait for the 35th test in July. Living here, I’m aware things move fast in Korea, but I didn’t expect to compete just to get a test seat. Live and Learn. 🙂

    • Sorry to hear that you couldn’t get a seat.
      It’s very common of you try to register in last 2-3 days.
      Thank you sharing. might help other people. 🙂

    • You are registering in Korea, right?
      On the website they give you several payment options. Choose 가상계좌.. then choose whatever bank you prefer to use.. they will give you a virtual account no. of that bank.. you just have to transfer the money there.

  • Hello, and thank you for the excellent TOPIK resource.

    Would you have any knowledge or be able to recommend a resource that explains whether TOPIK Level tests can be added to a Korean expat F2-7 Visa in subsequent or incremental fashion? That is, would a person be able to take TOPIK Level 4 and earn 16 points for Korean Language Ability, and then subsequently (on the very next available test opportunity) take Level 5, and earn 18 points?
    I have seen one online article ( that suggests a person could take Level 4 for 16 points and then Level 5, but only receive 10 points instead of the normal 18 points.

    Any information in this regard is much appreciated.

  • hello sir, I haven’t attempt topik exam once time. can I take intermediate level without passing basic level? how to select basic level or intermediate level? it did not appear in topik registration form.

  • Hello,

    I am in the process of trying to enroll for the TOPIK and keep getting an error message in regards to putting in my address. Could you please let me know how I can go about inputting in correctly? I keep getting an error message each time I am asked to input the address in the check?


    • What error are you getting? You first have to click the Address search button and search the name of your place (ex: … 동, …구), then it will show a list of matching addresses, select the appropriate one, input specific details like your house no. in the next box. that’s all..

  • Hello,

    I see you are making an impressive effort to answer everyone’s questions. I hope you can answer mine as well.
    I attempted to make an account on the topik website, but I could not. I tried using chrome, firefox, and internet explorer. The site froze on every browser, but I’m not sure why.

    Before I try again, I have a few questions.
    Is the online registration only available if you want to take the test in Korea? I want to register to take the test in Japan. Can I do this online if I make an account?
    If I can’t do this online, should I contact my nearest Consulate for South Korea?

  • Hello sir,

    I am trying to register for the TOPIK exam.
    However, in the photo section of the registration form, it says photo should be the same as my passport photo.
    So, I am wandering if my recent photo should be ok ? Or it should be the one in my passport?

  • i want to take the topik exam.please inform me registration sedual and send me topik guied book in pakistan.where is the examination center in pakistan

  • hi everyone,
    I’m a srilankan boy.but now I’m in bahrain.i want to come to the korea for work.
    can i apply for it online? please send me the all details to me.

  • So, if I want to do the test in my own country, which is Singapore, I can register myself by contacting a Korean person? Or must I go all the way to find the Korean ambassador to help me register it?

    • You don’t need to find the Korean ambassador. 🙂 Just give a call to the embassy and they will guide you about the registration process in your country. Or if you know any Korean language educational institute nearby, you can contact them as well.

  • Is anyone else having trouble even registering for the TOPIK test? I have tried using different browsers, different computers, installing the software and restarting the computer. I constantly get returned to the same screen “보안 프로그램 설치 안내” and get a download of the same software to install yet again.

  • I constantly get returned to the same screen “보안 프로그램 설치 안내” and get a download of the same software to install again and again.

        • Has anyone figured out how to solve this problem? I have downloaded the software 4 times through Internet Explorer and still can’t access the log in page.

          • Same problem here. And it is not like I can call for help or register via snail mail, because I am trying to take the test in Korea. I have spent hours on this (on internet explorer and multiple computers) and found that there is no solution, and this is a problem that has been popping up in multiple forums for several years, yet they still insist on this stupid bloatware plugin. I don’t think I will be able to take the 49th exam because of this.

  • 안녕하십니까^^ I pass the topik exam level 5 however, I haven’t received my certificate. Do you have any advice what is the best thing to do?

  • I’m here in Doha Qatar please let me know if they have a TOPIK EPS Korean Language KLT exam here because i want to take the exam sooner or later, please kindly advise… thanks…

  • As an indian National can I take the test elsewhere? Can I go to Korea for the test as I will be in korea for a three week work project when the exam is scheduled in india. If it is possible, how do I go about the registration?

  • Can I still sign up for the TOPIK II test in Atlanta GA held in October? The deadline seems to have passed but there’s still a month left before the test.

  • I m a nepali guy and have studied korean languae for 2 years but couldnt face the exams because of some circumstance and now i m in uae can i give exams from here?

  • Hello sir i have applying online whith chalan slip in HBL bank and also i have got chalan slip but how i got the announcement name please sir tell me

  • hello sir im trying to register while the deadline is 19th fen it is nit showing the sites other than Korea what can be done .. plz guide ..

  • Sir as here it given I can take topic online I checked the date it is June or July I have to give it before gksu scholarship for 2025 because in India it is oct and I can’t give April one because in April only my boards exam was over and I didn’t had any time to prepare can you tell the process of online one please 🥺 i request you it not anywhere

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