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The 94th TOPIK Test will be held on May 11-12, 2024. You can check the Registration period and contact details of affiliated institutions in your country below to register for May 2024 TOPIK Test.

Please note that more countries and locations may be added to the list later. So keep checking this page if your country is not listed below yet. Or if May TOPIK is not to be held in your country you should wait for July or October TOPIK.

TOPIK Test 2024 Schedule in Your Country – Locations Outside Korea 

You can check the registration details of the next TOPIK in Korea on this page - Register for the Next TOPIK Test in Korea

To understand the structure, application process, Levels and Passing scores of TOPIK Test (Test of Proficiency in Korean Language) check these articles: 1. TOPIK – The Complete Guide & 2. TOPIK Levels and Passing Marks. You can also Practice Online with TOPIK GUIDE Mock Tests.

 The country's details which are left blank will be announced later.
※ Depending on local circumstances, the schedule may be canceled or changed.
※ For more information, please contact the local agency.

The 94th TOPIK (PBT) will be conducted in the following countries and regions:
베트남호치민, 하노이, 다낭
우즈베키스탄타슈켄트, 사마르칸트, 우르겐치, 페르가나, 나만간, 부하라

Contact details of institutions conducting TOPIK test:
지역접수처 / 시행기관접수방법연락처주소
주소 : 러시아, 이르쿠츠크시, 레닌 거리 – 8, 204호 (204 room, 8, Lenin str., Irkutsk, 664025, Russia)
이메일 :
울란바토르몽골국립대학교온라인접수온라인접수 :
만달레이만달레이외국어대학교, 양곤세종학당방문접수(959)968862300(만달레이) A02, A03,  Mandalay University of Foreign Studies, Mandalay, Myanmar
(양곤) T213, 2nd Floor, Dept of Myanmar, Taungoo Building, Yangon University, Kamaryut Township, Myanmar
호치민, 하노이, 다낭IIG베트남온라인접수Tel: 1900636929
온라인접수 :
타슈켄트, 사마르칸트, 우르겐치, 페르가나, 나만간, 부하라타슈켄트한국교육원방문 / 온라인접수+998-71-291-81-82
(내선 114,116)
3 Tallimarjon, Tashkent, 100005, Uzbekistan
온라인접수 :
족자카르타가자마다대학교온라인접수+62 889-8308-2211(문자 수신만 가능)
발리발리한국학교방문 / 이메일 / 온라인접수62-812-2365-51578주소 : Jl. Siulan Gg. Sekar Sari VI No.6 Denpasar Timur, Denpasar Bali Indonesia
이메일 :
온라인 :
반둥UPI (인도네시아교육대학교)방문 / 이메일접수+62 (0)857-9525-5582,
+62 (0)821-1566-6969
주소 : FPBS UPI 한국학 연구소, Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi No. 229 Bandung 40154, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
이메일 :
프놈펜왕립 프놈펜대학교
Cambodia - Korea Cooperation Center
방문접수(+855)23-999-494CKCC, Royal University of Phnom Penh, Main Campus, Russian Federation Boulevard, Khan Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
시엠립시엠립세종학당방문 / 이메일접수+855) 86-589-793주소 : Phum Khnar, Sankat Chreav, Krong Siem Reap, Kaet Siem Reap, Cambodia.
이메일 :

The registration for the same will happen sometime in February or March and will be different in each country.

For more details like application dates, institution address and contact details, fee etc. you should contact the TOPIK test conducting agency in your country.

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