Complete Guide to TOPIK - Self Study Package BX0121

The Only Guide You Need to Pass TOPIK Test

Best Self-Study Material to Prepare for TOPIK Test

Complete Guide to TOPIK - Self Study Package BX0121

Students with a TOPIK score have higher chances to get POSCO Scholarship. Prepare for TOPIK with Complete Guide to TOPIK – Self-Study Package.

To understand TOPIK Test structure, application process, Levels and Passing scores etc. check these pages: 1. TOPIK – The Complete Guide & 2. TOPIK Levels and Passing Marks. You can also Practice Online with TOPIK GUIDE Mock Tests.

Whether you are taking the TOPIK Test for the first time, or you just want to pass a higher level, we would strongly recommend the Complete Guide to TOPIK – Self-Study Package. It is a digital study package that has everything you need to get a high score in the TOPIK test – all the past TOPIK papers with answer sheets, Korean grammar and vocabulary study material, video tutorials explaining the test structure, strategies to solve them and much more. You can check out more details about this study package here – TOPIK GUIDE – Self-Study Package.

2022-2 Recruitment Announcement

(Only for Natural sciences and Engineering)

POSCO TJ Park Foundation operates POSCO Asia Fellowship program to support young prospective intellectuals to grow as global leaders through natural sciences and engineering’s master’s or doctoral courses in South Korea. POSCO Asia Fellowship is based on the ideology that better understanding between individuals increases understanding between countries, which contributes to the world peace and mutual prosperity.

POSCO TJ Park Foundation is planning to run a pilot fellowship for those who wish to apply for graduate school of natural science and engineering major in the fall semester, 2022. In this “2022 POSCO Asia Fellowship” is for those who are expected to enter natural sciences and engineering fields only. The number of selections will be less than 10.

For the spring semester of 2023, the recruitment will be in the second half of this year. (*details will be on the website later)

POSCO scholarship

1. Criteria

- Asians that earned bachelor’s degree who have the potential to grow as a leader in their respective country

- Students seeking enrollment in Korean graduate school in Fall semester of 2022

- Students who wants to study natural science and engineering

※ Those who hold the citizenship of non-Asian countries or Korea are excluded


2. Benefits

- Master’s : Tuition and living expenses for 4 semesters

- Doctoral & Integrated Ph.D : Tuition for 6 semesters and living expenses for 4 semesters (Living expenses: KRW 1,000,000/month)

- National health insurance expenses, settlement expenses, online Korean classes, grants, etc.

- Internship opportunities, Korean cultural experiences, etc.


3. How to apply

- Access the website during application period, then submit the application and evidential documents via Online

1. Download the attached application form

2. Fill out the application form

3. Click the "online apply"

4. Apply through online and attached the completed application form  

- Documents to submit:

  • Application and Statement of Purpose          
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Certificate of Enrollment/Graduate/Employment
  • Transcript
  • Language certificate  
  • Proof of Citizenship Document
4. Schedule

• Application submission : March 2nd~ April 21st (UTC+9) 23:59, 2022

* based on Korean time

• Interview : June 2022

• Result announcement : July 2022 

If you are planning to take the TOPIK test in Korea, you can register for it Online. If you are living in any other country you will have to contact the Korean embassy, Korean Cultural Center or affiliate institutions. They will help you with the registration.

You can find the information about the next TOPIK Test on THIS PAGE. You can also download the Past TOPIK Papers or take a mock test on our website.

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