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N-(으)로 인해서 [Korean Grammar]

Today let's see the usage of (으)로 인해서 and its conjugation rules with some example sentences. 


The usage is similar to other grammar patterns used for expressing causes or reasoning. 

It is used in formal settings or situations, newspapers etc. 

N-(으)로 인해서 [Korean Grammar]
Let's see some sentences as an example :

1) 우천으로 인해서 경기가 연기되었다.

The match was postponed due to rain.

In this sentence you can see the cause or reason for the situation to occur. 

Rain is the cause for the delay in the match. 

The sentence structure consists of giving the cause of the situation in the first clause and the consequences in the second clause.

2) 지하철 공사로 인해 차가 많이 막히고 있다.

There are a lot of traffic jams due to subway construction.

You can see the usage of 인해 which is used to express the cause of lot of traffic jam is because of the subway construction.

Note : (으)로 인해서 can be written as (으)로 인해, that doesn't make much of a difference in the meaning.

The rule to conjugate is simple :
If the word doesn't ends with a final consonant (받침) but instead ends with a vowel, then 로 인해서 is used.

1) He suffered health damage from overwork.

그는 과로로 인해서 건강을 해쳤다

2) That mistake put me in very big trouble.

그 실수로 인해서 나는 아주 큰 곤경에 빠지게 되었다.

If the word ends with a final consonant (밧침) then (으)로 인해서 is used.

1) Under the circumstances, we couldn't buy the car.

그런 상황으로 인해서 우리는 그 차를 구입하지 못했다.

2) Many soldiers fell to the enemy's bombardment. 

적의 폭격으로 인해서 수많은 병사들이 쓰러졌다.

3) The event cast a shadow on our friendship.

그 사건으로 인해서 우리 우정에 금이 가기 시작했다.

4) Many communities are divided by racial and religious intolerance.

많은 지역 공동체사회들이 인종과 종교적 완고함으로 인해서 분열되어 있다.

5) It was delayed by a week due to the earthquake yesterday.

어제 지진으로 인해서 일주일 미뤄졌죠.

6) The game ended in the middle due to rain.

우천으로 인해서 게임이 중간에 끝났어요

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