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We're listing top 50 Korean adverbs that you find useful in your conversation.

There are three easy ways to identify or remember adverbs since most of the words either ends with a 이, 게 or 으로.

You have to remove 다 from the word and add either of the three.

Eg : 간단하다 becomes 간단히, 나쁘다 becomes 나쁘게 etc.

Arranged in terms of place, time, frequency, degree and manner, I hope you find the article useful.



Accidentally – 우연히, 뜻하지 않게

Generously – 후하게, 관대하게, 풍부하게

Beautifully – 아름답게, 멋지게

Boldly – 대담하게, 뻔뻔스럽게

Happily – 행복하게, 만족스럽게

Honestly – 솔직히

Neatly – 깔끔하게, 말쑥하게, 맵시 있게

Patiently – 끈기 있게, 참을성 있게

Softly – 부드럽게

Suspiciously – 수상스럽게

Quickly – 빨리,빠르게

Quietly – 조용히, 고요히, 수수하게

Well – 좋게




Almost – 거의

Deeply – 깊이, 크게

Fairly – 상당히, 정직하게

Nearly – 거의

Too – 너무

Equally – 균등하게, 동일하게

Evenly – 고르게, 반반하게

Exactly – 정확히

Extremely – 극히

Fully – 완전히, 충분히

Dimly – 어둑하게

Enormously – 엄청나게, 대단히

Highly – 크게, 대단히

Greatly – 대단히, 크게

Intensely – 격하게, 열정적으로

Furiously – 맹렬히, 극단적으로

Gently – 부드럽게, 약하게




Always – 항상, 언제나

Randomly – 임의로

Rapidly – 빨리, 급속히, 신속히

Rarely – 드물게

Scarcely – 간신히, 무섭게

Generally – 일반적으로

Abnormally – 이상하게, 이례적으로

Nearly – 거의

Often – 자주, 보통

Seldom – 좀처럼 않는

Sometimes – 때때로, 가끔


Broadly – 대략적으로

Crossly – 비스듬히

Loftily – 고상하게

Vastly – 대단히, 엄청나게



Certainly – 틀림없이, 분명히

Hastily – 급히

Immediately – 즉시

Quickly – 빨리, 신속히

Regularly – 정기적으로, 규칙적으로

Eventually – 결국, 종내

Suddenly – 갑자기, 급작스럽게

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Learning Korean can be tricky, especially when the goal of your learning is conversation. If you’ve ever attempted to speak Korean but were unable to, then hopefully you’ll find this post helpful.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions. Comment down below.

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