Must-Know Korean Words & Phrases – Conversation at the Hospital 

 February 9, 2021

By  Smriti

Brushing up on your Korean conversation skills? Through this post, you will be able to learn Korean sentences with their English meaning and Korean pronunciation by browsing through native Korean language sentences.

The hospital is a neighborhood business. So it's necessary to study the key words and phrases used in the Korean hospitals. Because many Koreans aren’t good at understanding English. In the hospital we can manage to get our ideas across even without a lot of words. If you are a beginner in Korean, this list is for you. It was originally created to help the students study and to make it easier for them to read, understand and pronounce the Korean sentences.

So let’s learn some new Korean in Hospital Conversations!

English Phrases

Korean Phrases


What brings you here today?

어떻게 오셨어요?

Eotteoke osyeosseoyo?

I want to see a doctor/ Get a treatment.

진료를 받고 싶어요.

Jillyo-reul batgo sipeoyo.

Is there a English-speaking doctor here?

여기 영어 하는 의사선생님이 계세요?/여기 영어 하는 의사가 있나요?

Yeogi yeongeo haneun uisa-seonsaengnimi gyeseyo ?

  / yeogi yeongeo haneun uisaga itnayo ?

Korean conversation at the hospital

*Symptoms* 증상 - Jeungsang


English Phrases

Korean Phrases



I have a headache.

머리가 아파요

Meoriga apayo.


I have a sore throat.

목이 아파요

Mogi apayo.


I have a stomach ache.

배가 아파요

Baega apayo.


I have indigestion.

소화가 안 돼요.

Sohwaga an dwaeyo. 


I have a fever.

열이 나요.

Yeori nayo.


 I have a cold.

감기 걸렸어요.

gamgi geollyeosseoyo


I sprained my ankle.

발목을 삐었어요.

Balmogeul ppieosseoyo


I have a burn.

화상을 입었어요.

Hwasangeul Ibeosseoyo


 I have diarrhea.

설사 해요.

Seolsa haeyo

English Phrases

Korean Phrases


When did the pain start/since when have you been sick?

언제부터 아프셨나요?

Eonjebuteo apeusyeonnayo ?

Since yesterday.    



Please lie down here.

여기 누워주세요.

yeogi nuwojuseyo.

Take a deep breath.

숨을 깊게 쉬세요.

sumeul gipge swiseyo.

Are you taking any medication now?

현재 복용하는 약이 있습니까?

hyeonjae bongnyonghaneun yagi itseumnikka ?

I take a painkiller.

진통제를 먹고 있어요.

jintongjereul meokgo isseoyo.

I will give you a shot.    

주사를 놓겠습니다.

Jusareul Noketseumnida.

You need to take proper rest.  

푹 쉬셔야 합니다.

Puk swisyeoya hamnida.

You need an operation immediately.

바로 수술을 해야 합니다.

Baro susureul haeya hamnida.

You need to be hospitalized.

입원하셔야 합니다.

Ibwonhasyeoya hamnida.

How long will it take until I recover?

회복하려면 어느 정도 걸립니까?

Hoebokaryeomyeon eoneu jeongdo geollimnikka ?

Take the prescription to the pharmacy.    

약국에 이 처방전을 가지고 가세요.

Yakguge i cheobangjeoneul gajigo gaseyo.

How do I take this medicine?    

이 약을 어떻게 복용하죠?

I yageul eotteoke bongnyonghajyo ?

Take it after the meal, three times a day.

하루에 세 번, 식(사) 후에 드세요.

Harue se beon, sik(sa) hue deuseyo.

I have health insurance.

건강 보험이 있어요.

Geongang boheomi isseoyo.

Can I get a diagnosis report?

진단서를 받을 수 있나요?

Jindanseoreul badeul su innayo ?

Conversation – 1 (Asking for an appointment)


( Patient )

  접수/리셉션 직원

( Receptionist )

Hello, I want to meet the doctor.

- 안녕하세요. 진료를 받고 싶어요.

(Annyeonghaseyo. Jillyo-reul batgo sipeoyo.)


Do you have an appointment?

- 진료 예약하셨나요?

(Jilyo yeyak hashyeot nayo?)


- 아니요



When would you like an  appointment?

- 진료 언제 받으시겠어요?/ 진료 날짜를 언제로 잡아드릴까요?

(Jillyo eonjae bat-eushigaetsseoyo?/Jillyo naljja-reul eonjaero jap-a deurilkkayo?)

Is today possible?

- 오늘은 안 되나요?/오늘은 가능한가요?

(Oneuren andoenayo?/oneuren ganeunghangayo?)


Yes, today is fine.

- 네, 오늘도 괜찮습니다.

(Ne oneuldo gwaenchanayo.)

What time would you like?

- 몇 시가 괜찮나요?/몇 시로 예약해드릴까요?

(Myeot siga gwaenchannayo?/myeot siro yaeyakhaedeurilkkayo?)

As soon as possible.

- 최대한 빨리요.

(Choedaehan/chwaedaehan ppalliyo.)

My stomach really hurts.

- 배가 많이 아파요.

(Baega mani apayo.)


Please wait a moment.

- 잠시만 기다려 주세요.

(Jamsiman gidaryeo juseyo.)

I'll see when the doctor is available.

- 의사 선생님이 진료 가능한 시간을 확인해 볼게요.

(Uisa seonsaengnimi jillyo ganeung-han sigan-eul hwaginhae bolkeyo.)


- 네.



Would you mind waiting a little?

- 조금만 기다려 주시겠어요?

(Jogeum-man gidaryeo jushigesseoyo.)

Yes, it is fine.

- 네, 괜찮아요.

(Ne, gwaenchanayo.)


Conversation - 2  ( Meeting Doctor at the clinic)



Hello, where does it hurt/where do you have pain/problem? 

- 안녕하세요 어디가 아프세요?/아픈가요?

( Annyeonghaseyo eodiga apeuseyo?/apeungayo? )


Hello Doctor, I don't feel good.

- 안녕하세요 선생님, 몸이 안 좋아요.

( Annyeonghaseyo seonsaengnim, momi an joayo. )

Come and sit here.

- 여기 와서 앉으세요

( Yeogi waseo anjeusaeyo )


Since how long have you not been feeling well?

- 언제부터 몸이 안 좋았나요?

( Eonje buteo momi an johassnayo? )


Since yesterday.

- 어제부터요.

( Eojebuteo )

I feel weak and do not feel like eating.

- 몸에 힘이 없고 입맛도 없어요.

( Momae himyi eopgo, ipmat-do eopseoyo. )

I see. anything else?

- 그래요? 다른 아픈 곳은 없나요?/다른 증상은 없나요?

( Geuraeyo? Dareun apeun goteun eopnayo?/dareun jeungsang-eun eopnayo? )


No, that's it.

- 아니요, 그게 다예요.

( Aniyo, geuge da-yeyo.)

Do you drink a lot of water?

- 평소에 물을 많이 마십니까?

( Mureul mani masimnikka. )


No, I don’t drink much.

- 아니요, 별로 많이 안 먹어요.

( Aniyo, byeollo mani an meogeoyo. )

Drink a lot of water. I’ll give you some medicine, you will be fine.

- 물을 많이 마시세요. 약을 처방해드릴게요.

( Mureul mani masyeoyo. Yag-eul cheobanghae deuril-keyo. )

You'll feel better.

- 빨리 회복할 겁니다./몸이 좋아질 거에요.

( Palli hoebokhal geopnida/Momi joajil geoyaeyo. )


Thank you, Doctor.

- 감사합니다 선생님.

( Gamsahamnida seonsaengnim. )

Just because you are a good English speaker doesn't mean it's easy for you to speak Korean. You need to know what you'd like to say and how to order your sentences first. You also need to be aware of the different Korean sounds. After these, you can start learning how to speak Korean fluently. That means using appropriate sentence patterns and not struggling with pronunciations.

Hospital conversations are good to brush up your Korean skills. If you ever want to have some interesting conversations with Koreans, that would be the place to do it. 

Thank you !! 

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