How to Print TOPIK Certificate from Official TOPIK Website? 

 November 14, 2018

By  Satish Satyarthi

We all know how pathetic the official TOPIK website is when it comes to user friendliness. Even simple tasks like checking your TOPIK result can be a pain in the neck. Every time the TOPIK results are announced we get hundreds of requests from our readers to check the TOPIK scores for them or send their certificates. As far as possible we try to check everyone’s score using the details sent by them. But printing and sending the certificates is not something we can do. This is supposed to be done by the test takers themselves or by the educational institution they registered through or TOPIK office in Seoul.

In this post we have prepared a step-by-step pictorial guide on how you can get your official TOPIK certificate/ transcript from TOPIK website.

  • Open website in Internet Explorer browser (this is very important. No other browser will work). Change some settings in the browser – Go to the Tools Menu and 1. Pop-up blocker – Turn off, 2. Uncheck ActiveX Filtering if it is checked. 3. Compatibility View Settings – Add .
  • From the menu select 성적증명서 발급 (which is the 4th item from left currently).  Select the TOPIK Test that you took, enter your details (Test registration number and Date of Birth) and click on the 조화하기 button. 
    print your TOPIK certificate 003
  • Your result details will appear. Enter the number of certificates you want to print in the box and click 발급신청 (apply for printing) button. We are not 100% sure but probably first 2 certificates are free to print. After that you will have to pay 2000 Won every time you want to print the transcript.

get topik certificate 002

  • On the next screen the same details will appear but now the button will say 출력 (print) or 무료출력 (free print). Click this button and start praying because everything after this depends on your luck. 🙂 Seriously! Thanks to the 20th century coding behind Korean websites.

print your TOPIK certificate 002

  • Check if the browser is prompting any additional software or extension installation. If so, allow/install it. Just click ‘next’ or ‘OK’ buttons in any weird pop up that appears. And yes, keep praying. 🙂get topik certificate 006
  • If you are lucky your TOPIK transcript should appear in a new window. Print it immediately as it can’t be saved in a disk or anything. Though some ‘Print as PDF’ software may work and convert it into a PDF which you can save and print later. The certificate printed from the website is considered as original as it has a unique bar code at the bottom.

TOPIK Official Score Report

  • In case you have already printed all the free certificates you will see a 결제 (payment) button when you click 발급신청 (apply for printing). On clicking this button you will get the payment screen.

get topik certificate 003

  • ON this screen you get 3 payment method options – 신용카드 (Credit/Debit card), 실시간계좌이체 (Real-time bank transfer) and 가상 계좌 (Virtual bank account). In the second option you can transfer the amount right there in a pop up window or something while in the third option they give you a unique bank account to which you can transfer the money from any ATM machine or through your net banking account. The second and third options will probably work in Korea only.

get topik certificate 004

All the best!!

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  • Quick question: I was able to check my score and see the level I had achieved. However, my friend can see the scores for each exam category. How can I check my detailed scores?

  • Hello topikguide people. your website helped me get level 5. thank you. I don’t understand why they make the certificate issuing such frustrating though.

  • Yes, thank you so much, it is helpful, I did printed my test result. 성적증명서 인쇄하기 잘 됐습니다. 감사합니다^^

  • For the number of free certificate you are allowed to print, I asked the korean embassy in my country and they told me you get up to 6 free certificates
    Thank you TOPIK GUIDE for all these valuable informations and instructions

  • Is it alright if I print my certificate out in black and white? I really need to know since I can’t go to the school where I took TOPIK test to get my certificate directly :<

  • Hello, I am trying to print my results for the 47th exam, but each time I press print I get error code 9999. What can I do to print this?

      • it is because the printer is not directly connected to the computer via cable but they are connect via wireless. You have to connect the printer with your computer by cable to print it.
        Hope that it helps

  • been trying to print my certificate but the site keeps on redirecting me to a XecureWeb plugin installing instruction site. i installed the plugin, reopened my browser and i still keep coming back to that xecureweb plugin page im running out of patience im close to crying ㅠㅠ please help~~ ㅠㅠ

  • Thank you so much for the instruction . No idea what we would do without your guidance . Really enjoyed your material.
    TOPIK guys should really make it easier to see the results . No other exam requires you to download multiple software just to see the result . PDF creator and the like don’t work too.

  • hello.i have a one problem. i took 52th exam but i can`t print my score because ‘ 자료가 없다” how to take my score?

  • Hello, I have got an error: HTTP Status: 500 – 500 Internal Server Error, Description Failed to execute JSP: /marking/MArdViewer.jsp” when I clicked the ‘print’ button for my 성적증명서. Can you teach me how to fix this problem? please helppppppp Thank you

  • I need TOPIK Certificate and I tried to download it from the TOPIK result website but I could not able to do that. Can you please suggest me how we can download?

    Name: – Sonawane Prasad Malhari
    Exam Date: – 2017.03.19 (제51회)
    Registration no. : – 001098000217
    Date of Birth: – 1983. 09.08

    Your suggestions and guidance are highly appreciated in this regard.

    Thanks in advance.

    Prasad Sonawane.

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