Download TOPIK Question Papers with Answers 

 June 29, 2010

By  Satish Satyarthi

Dear Reader!!! This is an old post in which I had explained the process of downloading TOPIK previous papers from official TOPIK website. But some readers told me that it’s really a tedious task to download papers from the official TOPIK site, especially for beginners in Korean language. So I have just uploaded all TOPIK papers with answers and audio files on this blog for direct download. But if you want to download then from the official site read this post further; otherwise just click on the link below to download all previous papers right here:

Download All TOPIK Previous Papers RIGHT HERE

When I started this blog I had planned to put all the previous TOPIK papers on this blog. I knew that all the papers are already available for download on the official website of TOPIK; but there were two reasons for why I wanted to do so. First, for the Beginners who have learned Korean language just for a few months it is very difficult to retrieve desired information from the TOPIK site as it is entirely in Korean. And secondly I thought that it would be better to put all the relevant material available at a single place .


But later I changed my mind. I thought why not give a proper explanation on how to download the papers from TOPIK website rather than wasting time and resources downloading and uploading the same information at two different places.


So in this post I will be explaining how you can download all the previous Question papers and Answer sheets of TOPIK test.



2) On the left bottom side of the page, click on the ‘기출문제’ option.

3). You will reach the following page, where all the previous papers (Qs. & Ans.) are available.


Here are some terms that you might find difficult to understand:


문제지 is Question paper and 정답지 is the answer sheet. For every TOPIK paper they have two sets in which they shuffle the answers (may be to minimize the chances of cheating). So make sure that you download the same sets of Question and answer. 듣기파일 is the audio file of Listening exam in mp3 format and in 듣기대본 you can read those dialogues in text form too. 실무 stands for Business-TOPIK.


4). Now suppose, you want to download the Beginner level question paper of 18th TOPIK (2010). You see ‘2010년도 제18회 초급(A,B형) 문제지’ before serial no. 186. just click on it and you will get the following window.

Here 1교시 has the paper of first section i.e. Vocabulary & Grammar and Writing while the 2교시 contains Listening and reading section question paper. make sure to download only one set of papers; either A or B.

5). Now suppose you want to download the question paper of  ‘Vocabulary & Grammar and Writing’. So just click on ’18회한국어초급-1교시(A형).pdf’ and the download will start. In a few seconds you will have a pdf copy of the paper. just save it on your system.

Thank You… Best of Luck..

  • @Clximus
    All B-TOPIK papers are available on the website.
    look for word ‘실무’ in file names.
    For Example: on page 2, Serial No. 196 you will find “2010년도 제18회 실무(A,B형) 듣기파일”… This is Listening Paper file of 18th Business TOPIK..
    Hope it helps.. Feel free to ask again if you still find problem in downloading the papers..

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