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Today we'll be looking at the usage of "A/V/N ~(으)ㄹ 걸요" Korean grammar pattern with some example sentences.


An expression used to indicate that the content of the preceding statement is the speaker's opinion or guess. 

It is used as a sentence's final ending that reveals a fact about the future or a supposition of the speaker.

A/V/N ~(으)ㄹ 걸요 [ Korean Grammar ]
The basic conjugation rules are :

Adj / Verbs :

과거 (Past tense) : ~ 았 /었을 걸요

When the stem ends with a 오 or 아  add 았을걸요.

When the stem ends with anything other tha 오 or 아 add 었얼걸요. 


현재 (Present tense) : ~ (으) ㄹ 걸요

When the stem ends with a vowel add ㄹ 걸요. 

When the stem ends with a consonant add 을 걸요. 

Noun이다 :

과거 (Past tense)  : 였을 걸요 /이었을 걸요 

현재 (Present tense) : 일걸요

Lets see some example sentences :

1) It's going to be fun whatever happens and I can't wait for it.

무슨일이 생기든 간에 이번 일은 재미 있을 걸. 빨리 왔으면 해.

2) He'll only go to the movies.

그는 영화만 보러 갈걸.

3) Jisoo is still going to school.

지수는 아직 학교에 다닐걸요.

4) The teacher will know that we are close.

선생님께서도 저희가 친한 줄 아실걸요.

5) After a while, they'll come here too.

잠시 후면 그 사람들도 이쪽으로 올걸요.

6) If you decorate it like that, it will look too flashy.

그렇게 꾸민다면 지나치게 화려해 보일걸요.

7) It's the weekend, so there will be a lot of people at the cinema.

주말이라 영화관에 사람들이 많을걸요.

8) They must have already started planting rice in rural areas.

농촌에서는 벌써 모내기를 시작했을걸요.

9) Seung-gyu is good at fishing, so he will catch a lot of fish.

승규는 낚시를 잘하니까 물고기를 많이 잡을걸요.

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