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A/V/N ~듯이 [ Korean Grammar ]
January 10, 2022

Today we'll be looking at the usage of "A/V/N ~듯이" Korean grammar pattern with some example sentences.


It is a connective ending used when the following statement is almost the same as the preceding statement.

It can also be understood as (second clause) like; as ifas though; as (first clause).

It is often used idiomatically and also when confirming the fact that is known by both the speakers.

A/V/N ~듯이 [ Korean Grammar ]
The basic conjugation rules are :

Present -

A/V : 듯이

N : 이듯이

Past -

A/V : 았듯이 / 었듯이

N : 있듯이 / 이었듯이

Let's look at some example sentences to understand the usage :

  • Do as your brother does.
    너 형이 하듯이 해라.
  • Tears pour down like rain.
    눈물이 비 오듯이 흐른다.
  • He is not as great a scholar as you think.
    그는 네가 생각하듯이 그렇게 대학자는 아니다.
  • As the night deepens, difficult things pass over time, just as the morning comes again.
    밤이 깊어지면 다시 아침이 오듯이 어려운 일도 시간이 흐르면 지나간다.
  • If you try as if the plants you raised with all your heart grow well, you can get the results.
    정성을 다해 키운 화초가 잘 자라듯이 노력한다면 그 결실을 얻을 수 있다.
  • Reading is to the mind what food is to the body.
    음식이 몸을 기르듯이 독서는 정신을 기른다.

Instead of 듯이 you can also use 듯 to express the same expressions where the following statement is almost the same as the preceding statement.

Following are some example sentences :

  • The results are obvious.
    결과가 불 보듯 뻔하다.
  • Seung-gyu wants to grow taller, so he drinks milk like water.
    승규는 키가 크고 싶어 우유를 물 마시듯 마신다.
  •  Just as the world changes over time, so do we.
    세월에 따라 세상이 변해 가듯 우리도 변해 간다.

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