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A/V ~기에 [Korean Grammar]
November 4, 2021

Today we'll be looking at the usage of "A/V ~기에" with some example sentences.


A connective ending referring to the cause or reason of the following statement.

기에 has the meaning of “so…..” or “because……” in English. 

It is always attached to verbs or adjectives.

A/V ~기에 [Korean Grammar]
Let's try to understand the usage with the following examples :
  • 일하기에 바쁘다 -be busy at work

호텔의 건축업자들은 어디에서나 일하기에 바쁘다.

Hotel builders are busy working everywhere.

  • 준비하기에 간단하다 - be simple to prepare 

여러분의 봄 방학은 새 학기를 준비하기에 완벽한 시기입니다.

Your spring break is the perfect time to prepare for the new semester.

  • 읽기에 쉽다 - be easy to read

저 소설은 액션이 가득하고 꽤 읽기에 쉽다.

That novel is full of action and quite easy to read.

  • 다루기에 편하다 - be simple to handle

이것은 다루기에 매우 어렵다

This is very difficult to deal with.

예문 :

1) 아직 자기에는 이르다

It's too early to go to bed.


2) 집에 음식이 떨어져 가기에 장을 보러 갔다. 

I went shopping at home because the food was running out.

3) 오늘은 바람이 심하기에 창문을 꼭 닫아 두었다.

The window was closed tightly today because the wind was severe.


4) 친구는 배가 부르다고 하기에 나 혼자 주문을 했다. 

My friend said he was full, so I ordered by myself.

5)책이 싸기에 한 권을 샀다

I bought a book because it was cheap.

6) 지배인이 외출중이었기에 전갈을 비서에게 남겼다

The manager was out, so I left a message with his secretary.

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