A/N/V-든지/았/었든지/(이)든지 [ Korean Grammar ] 

 July 30, 2021

By  Smriti

Learning grammar is one of the most difficult things for Korean language learners. On this blog we will try to help you learn Korean grammar in the quickest and easiest way possible. This blog will be helpful for those who are studying Korean language and want to improve their grammar skills.

Today we’ll see how to form sentences with Korean grammar pattern " A/N/V-든지/았/었든지/(이)든지 "with some example sentences.

A/N/V-든지/았/었든지/(이)든지 Korean grammar

It is used for comparing and drawing contrast between the two things 

It is equivalent to saying " whether this or that " in English.

***One thing to keep in mind is that it cannot be used to express future events. Just used to draw contrast between the two options.

It should be used with adjectives, verbs or nouns.

There are four ways to use this grammar :

  1. Adjective + 든지
  2. Verb + 든지 (Present)
  3. Verb + 았/었든지 (Past)
  4. Noun + (이)든지

Keeping in mind the above rule. Let's see some examples to understand it properly.

맵든지 짜든지 (whether spicy or salty)

비싸든지 싸든지 (whether expensive or cheap)

취소하든지 연기하든지 (whether cancel or delay)

잠을 자든지 안 자든지 (whether sleep or not)

가든지 말든지 (whether go or not)

아이든지 성인이든지 (whether child or adult)

본인이든지 타인이드지 (whether you or other)

Rule to conjugate :

In case 1 : Adjective + 든지

After removing 다 from the root verb, add ~든지 to the verb stem irrespective of whether it ends with a consonant or vowel. 

Eg : 예쁘든지 / 귀엽든지

In case 2 : Verb + 든지 (Present)

After removing 다 from the root verb, add ~든지 to the verb stem irrespective of whether it ends with a consonant or vowel.

Eg: 먹든지 / 마시든지

In case 3 : Verb + 았/었든지 (Past)

After removing 다 from the root verb, add ~았/었든지 to the verb stem. 

  • Add ~았든지 after verb stem ending with 오 or 아 
  • Add ~었든지 after verb stem ending with anything other than 오 or 아

Eg: 먹었든지 / 갔든지

In case 4 : Noun + (이)든지

Add 이든지 when the noun ends with a consonant and 든지 when it ends with a vowel. 

Eg: 밥이든지 / 커피든지


1) 이 옷 내가 잘 어울려요? 예쁘던지 말든지 말해 봐요 

Does this dress suit me well?  Tell me if it's pretty or not.

2) 이제 한국 음식은 맵든지 짜든지 모두 먹을 수 있어요.

I can now eat all kinds of Korean food, whether spicy or salty. 

3) 먹어 본 적이 없어서 인도 음식은 짜든지 모르겠다.

I've never eaten Indian food, so I don't know if it's salty or not.

4) 그게 싸든지 비싸든지 상관없어.

It doesn't matter if it's cheap or expensive.

5) 패럴림픽을 다시 연기하든지 취소해야 한다

Paralympics should be postponed or canceled again.

6) 파손되서 물건 돌아가게 됐을때 저한테 연락을 하든지 문자를 하든지 해줘야하는게 괜찮다.

It's okay to call me or text me when the item is damaged and has to be returned.

7) 네가 가든지 말든지 내가 알바 아니다

Whether you go or not, I don't care about it.

8) 밥이든지 피자든지 빨리 골라요.

Choose rice or pizza quickly.

9) 점심시간에 사과든지 배든지 아무거나 가지고 오세요. 상관없어요.

Please bring any apples or pears for lunch. I don't have any problem.

In the above examples you can clearly see the usage with the Adjectives, nouns and verbs

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Learning Korean can be tricky, especially when the goal of your learning is conversation. If you’ve ever attempted to speak Korean but were unable to, then hopefully you’ll find this post helpful.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions. Comment down below.

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