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February 17, 2018
Dr. Satish Satyarthi

This is a list of 100 most basic and important Korean verbs. Memorizing these verbs will improve your Korean and also help you in the TOPIK Test.

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100 Most Common Korean Adjectives

Word Meaning
가다 To go
가르치다 To teach
가지다 To have
갖다 To have
거짓말하다 To lie
걱정하다 To worry
걷다 To walk
걸다 To call, dial
결혼하다 To marry
고백하다 To confess
공부하다 To study
굽다 To roast, grill, bake
기다리다 To wait
기억하다 To remember
꿈꾸다 To dream
끓이다 To boil
끝나다 To finish
나가다 To exit
내다 To pay
닫다 To close
대답하다 To answer
도와주다 To help
도착하다 To arrive
듣다  To hear
들어오다 To enter
마시다 To drink
만나다 To meet
만들다 To make
말하다 To talk, speak
먹다 To eat
모르다 To not know
묻다 To ask
물어보다 To ask
배우다 To learn
벗다 To undress, take off clothes
보내다 To send
보다 To see
볶다 To fry
빌리다 To borrow, lend
사다 To buy
사랑에 빠지다 To fall in love
사랑하다 To love
사용하다 To use
살다 To live
생각하다 To think
서두르다 To hurry, rush
섞다 To mix, blend
소개하다 To introduce
쉬다 To rest
시작하다 To start
신다  to wear (shoes, socks, footwear)
싫어하다 To hate, dislike
싸우다 To fight
썰다  To chop, slice
쓰다 To write
쓰다 To wear (hat, eyewear)
씻다 To wash
앉다 To sit
알다 To know
약속하다 To promise
없다 To not have
연습하다 To practice
열다 To open
오다 To come
요리하다 To cook
운동하다 To exercise
운전하다 To drive
울다 To cry
웃다 To laugh
이기다 To win, defeat
이야기하다  To talk, chat
일어나다 To get up
일하다 To work
읽다 To read
입다 To wear
있다 To have
자다 To sleep
재다 To measure, weigh
전화하다 To telephone
좋아하다 To like
죄송하다 To be sorry
주다  To give
주문하다 To order
죽다 To die
준비하다 To prepare
지다 To lose, be defeated
찌다 To steam
찍다 To take (picture)
찾다 To find,To look for
청소하다 To clean
축하하다 To congratulate
출발하다 To depart
춤추다 To dance
타다 To ride
태어나다 To be born
튀기다 To deep fry
팔다 To sell
필요하다 To need
하다 To do
휘젓다 To stir
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  • I would like to thank you for such great efforts and very resourceful contents you provide here on your website! It is very beneficial and a great help for me! I was googling about TOPIK and I had no idea about it and I read through some of the contents here, they are amazing! (only read for less than 1 hour, so I have not yet read the other contents). I love the 100 adjectives, 100&500 verbs! I also just downloaded the TOPIK 52nd Test I&II just to get familiar with it. If I am in intermediate and advance I would love to buy the TOPIK Complete guide but I am still very basic and pretty occupied with my thesis now, i hope i can finish it soon and start my journey to tackle korean! yeah!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Sir your doing great job to teach the students who are interested to learn Korean language like me. I saw your YouTube videos it is very helpful for me thanks alot. Keep it up sir and I’ll try to join your online classes very soon.

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