V ~(으)/ㄹ거예요 [ Korean Grammar ] 

 December 16, 2021

By  Smriti

Today we'll be looking at the usage of "V ~(으)/ㄹ거예요" Korean grammar pattern with some example sentences.


Used to express the speaker's supposition based on a personal experience or something seen or heard that provides a basis for the belief.

This pattern can be used to make future tense sentences. Also, when used for supposition it cannot be used in question form.

The basic conjugation rules are :
  1. Verb stems ending with a vowel like 보다, 가다, 자다 are followed by ~ㄹ 거예요.
  2. Verb stems ending with a consonant like 먹다, 찾다, 붙다 are followed by ~을 거예요.
  3. Verb stems already ending with ㄹ at the end like 놀다, 멀다, 살다 are followed just by 거예요.

가다 - 갈 거예요 ( I'll go. )

하다 - 할 거예요. ( I'll do. )

입다 - 입을 거예요. (I'll wear. )

팔다 - 팔 거예요. ( I'll sell. )

V ~(으)/ㄹ거예요

When a verb is changed into this form, it takes the meaning of "to be going to" do something or "will"do something.

But as you will find out when you hear more Korean spoken between native speakers, the present tense can also serve to express the future, when the context is very clear.

For example, "I'm going to go tomorrow" is “내일 갈 거예요” in the future tense.

But even if you say “내일가요” which is in the present tense, it still makes perfect sense, depending on the situation.

The final note is that when the subject in the sentence is the third person, the ~ㄹ /을 거예요 can also represent the speaker's conjecture.

Lets see some example sentences :

1) What are you going to sell?

뭐 팔 거예요?

2) I'm going to wear a t-shirt.

티셔츠 입을 거예요.

3) I'm going to finish my homework today.

오늘 숙제를 끝낼 거예요.

4) Who are you going to meet?

누구 만날 거예요?

5) The test will be very easy.

시험이 아주 쉬울 거예요.

6) It's going to rain at night.

밤에 비가 올 거예요.

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Learning Korean can be tricky, especially when the goal of your learning is conversation. If you’ve ever attempted to speak Korean but were unable to, then hopefully you’ll find this post helpful.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions. Comment down below.

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