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There are four very distinct seasons (계절) in Korea are Spring (봄), Summer (여름), Autumn (가을) and Winter (겨울).

Today we'll learn some basic Korean words and phrases used in the summer season. 


 ~ 봄이 지나고 벌써 여름이 왔어요. - Spring has passed and summer is already here.

So the weather (날씨) during summer is very hot (더워요) because of the immense heat (더위) and the temperature (온도) may reach it's highest.

You can say :

 ~ The temperature has risen to 45°C. - 온도가 45°C까지 상승했어요.

 ~ The weather is very hot these days. - 날씨가 요즘에는 너무 더워요. OR,

 ~ The weather has turned hotter. - 날씨가 더워졌어요. 

Because of heat people may sweat (땀) and sit in front of the fan (선풍기) or air conditioner (에어컨) inside home.

After a few hot days. The temperature may fall down a little and country may experiences sudden shower (소나기) in between hot days because of which the humidity may increase.

What do people like doing in summers ?

Perhaps, the students have summer vacation. The summer vacation for students is called (여름 방학) while the vacation for workers is called (휴가).

During vacation season (휴가철) people make plans with their family and friends for travel (여행) or they might take break from their busy schedule and rest (휴식) for a while.

During vacation people usually go to Bukhan-san (북한산) for hiking (산책) or spend time beside Han River (한강) and sea (바다).


Koreans love mountain hiking (등산) and climb to the top of the mountain (정상) from where they can enjoy the view of the city. 

Since Korea is blessed with different natural features you can visit the valleys (계곡) and have fun in the water. Having fun is the water is called (물놀이) (물 means water and 놀이 means to play).

Some do swimming (수영) rest enjoy the summer heat with watermelon (수박) and peaches (복숭아) under the shade.


Summer pic

1 ) Seasons - 계절

2 ) Weather - 날씨

3 ) Summer - 여름

4) Heat - 더위

5)  Temperature - 온도

6) Sweat - 땀

7) Fan - 선풍기

8) Air conditioner - 에어컨

9) Sudden shower - 소나기

10) Rain - 비

11) Summer vacation - 여름 방학

12) Vacation for workers - 휴가

13) Vacation season - 휴가철

14) Travel - 여행

15) Vacation break or rest - 휴식

16) Mountain - 산

17)  Han river - 한강

18) Sea - 바다 

19) Hiking - 등산

20) Top of the mountain - 정상 

21) Valleys - 계곡

22) Having fun in the water - 물놀이

23) Swimming - 수영 

24) Watermelon - 수박 

25) Peaches - 복숭아

Thank you.

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