Ultimate List of Shopping related Words and Phrases in Korean 

 March 2, 2021

By  Smriti

Are you going on a trip to South Korea? Do you plan to visit the local malls, buy clothes, and enjoy that fresh taste of seafood? If so, then you need to learn some basic Korean greetings and phrases to make your shopping experience run as smoothly as possible!

It can be hard to think of what to say when you’re in a store, especially if you want to buy something. I remember the first time I went shopping in Korea, it was so difficult for me to communicate with the person that I was shopping with. The only phrases I knew were “I want this one” and “thank you”. What I should have been saying, however, is “How much is this?” and “Where are the other colors?” .

For some people, shopping with a companion or looking for a place to buy souvenirs is part of their vacation. Coming to Korea could get you thinking “How do I say X in Korean?” or “What’s the Korean word for X?”.

Korean shops

So today we've brought you a list of words and phrases that may be useful for you while travelling for shopping in Korea.

Here are the list of useful Korean phrases.


English Phrase

Korean Phrase



What time does this store open?

이 가게는 몇 시에 열어요?

I gageneun myeot sie yeoreoyo ?


What time does this store close?

이 가게는 몇 시에 닫아요?

I gageneun myeot sie datayo ?


When will you have a sale?

세일 언제 해요?

Seil eonje haeyo ?


Do you have ___?

__ 있어요?

__ it-saw-yo


How much is this?

이거 얼마예요?

Igeo eolmayeyo?


Please give me this.

이거 주세요.

Igeo juseyo.


Please give me a discount.

깎아 주세요.

Kkakka juseyo.


Can I use this discount coupon?

이 할인 쿠폰을 사용할 수 있나요?

I halin kuponeul sayonghal su issnayo ?


Please give me a receipt.

영수증 주세요

Yeongsujeung juseyo.


Put it in a bag.

봉투 하나 더 주세요

Bongtue neoeo juseyo.


Can I pay with a credit card?

카드 돼요?

Kadeu dwaeyo?


Is there a bigger/smaller size?

더 큰/작은 사이즈 있어요?

Deo keun/jageun saijeu isseoyo?


Are you not doing a sale on this?

이거 세일 안 해요?

Igeo seil an haeyo ?


Do you have a point card?

적립카드가 있어요?

Jekribkadeu-ga isseoyo ?


Do you have this in [colour of choice]?

__색 있어요?

__saeg isseoyo?

Red 빨간  ( Bal-gan )

Green 초록 ( Cho-rok )

Blue 파란 ( Pa-ran )

Yellow 노랑  ( No-rang )

Orange 주황 ( Joo-hwang )

Black 검은 ( Kaw-meun )

White 하얀  ( Ha-yan )

Pink 분홍  ( Poon-hong )

Grey 회  ( Hweh )


English Phrase

Korean Phrase



Do you do exchanges?

교환 가능해요?

Gyohwan ganeunghaeyo?


Do you do refunds?

환불 가능해요?

Hwanbul ganeunghaeyo?


Does this include tax?

세금 포함돼요?

Segeum pohamdwaeyo?


Would like to have an additional bag.

봉투 하나 더 주세요

Bongtu hana deo juseyo.


I will think about it.

좀 더 생각해볼게요

Jom deo saenggakhaebolgeyo.


If I pay with cash, how cheap can it be?

현금으로 계산하면 얼마나 싸게 해 줄 수 있어요?

Hyeongeumeulo gyesanhamyeon eolmana ssage hae jul su isseoyo?


What size is that?

그것은 몇 사이즈에요?

Geugeoseun myeot saijeu-eyo?


I'd like to try it on.

저는 이것을 입어보고 싶어요.

Jeoneun igeoseul i-beobogo shipeoyo.


Where are the changing rooms?

탈의실이 어디에요?

Taleuishil-i eodieyo?


Please pay at the check out.

계산대에서 지불하세요.

Gyesandae-eseo jibulhaseyo.


I am just looking.

그냥 보고 있어요!

Geunyang bogo isseoyo.

Korean shopping

Here's a list of common Korean vocabulary to remember while shopping. 

  1. 가게 = store (Gage)
  2. 시장 = market (Sijang)
  3. 백화점 = department store (Baekhwajeom)
  4. 전통시장 = traditional market  (Jeontongsijang)
  5. 슈퍼 = supermarket (syupeo)
  6. 편의점 = convenience store (pyeonuijeom)
  7. 값 = price (gabs)
  8. 반값 = half price (bangabs)
  9. 가격 = price (gagyeok)
  10. 가격표 = price tag (gagyeokpyo)
  11. 옷 = clothes (ot)
  12. 바지 = pants (baji)
  13. 셔츠 = shirt (syeocheu)
  14. 신발 = shoes (sinbal)
  15. 양말 = socks (yangmal)
  16. 모자 = hat (moja)
  17. 기념품 = souvenirs (ginyeombum)
  18. 중고 = used (junggo)
  19. 중고품 = a used item/second hand goods (Jumggobum)
  20. 책 = book (chaek)
  21. 서점 = bookstore (seojeom)
  22. 돈 = money (don)
  23. 현금 = cash (hyeongeum)
  24. 신용 카드 = credit card (sinyong kadeu)
  25. 체크 카드 = debit card (cheley kadeu)
  26. 적립카드 = point card (jekrib kadeu)
  27. 할인 = discount (halin)
  28. 할인카드 = discount card (halin kadeu)
  29. 보증서 = warranty (bojeungseo)
  30. 고객(님) = customer (gogaek-nim)
  31. 점원 = worker at a store (Jeomwon)
  32. 세금 = tax (segeum)
  33. 쿠폰 = coupon (kupon)
  34. 유통기한 = expiration date (yutonggihan)
  35. 영수증  = receipt (yeongsujeung)
  36. 영업시간 = open hours (yeongeobsigan)

When you're shopping in Korea, you may find some items pretty hard to pronounce because the Korean syllable structure is different from English.

Shopping in Korea can be really overwhelming (for me at least) if you don’t know the Korean phrases. There are a few things that you might need to ask while shopping and this list is going to help you with that.

Next time you go shopping in Korea you will be saying these phrases to the shop owners so that they can understand better and give you what you want.

Any doubts or questions, you can leave them in the comments section below.

Thank you.

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