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TOPIK Listening File Download
June 8, 2017
Dr. Satish Satyarthi

Because of the recent structural changes in the official TOPIK website, many links to the TOPIK listening audio files on our site were broken. We have corrected all the links now and have also uploaded all the listening files (from 11th TOPIK to 34th TOPIK) to one place for your convenience. You can click on the image below to go the shared folder on Google drive to download any past TOPIK listening MP3 file.

TOPIK Listening File Download
Click on the Image to Download TOPIK Listening Files
  • Hello, I am facing difficulties in downloading audio files of TOPIK intermediate, could you please assist me.Thanks in advance,

  • Thanks,The problem whenever I download and “save the link as”or “save in new tab”and then to my chosen location, then when I open I find the file is empty and can not be played in player like real player. So, can I have an alternative? I have tried this several times. I really need past intermediate Topik audio files.I very appreciate that you really wanna help

  • I am using google chrome and when i click the download the link the file gets download simply. Which browser are you using? you can try chrome once and even then if you are unable to download I’ll find some alternative for you..

  • Thanks a lot for these resources.I registered for the 28th TOPIK so I am trying to study really hard..Is it possibe that you post more current TOPIK Listening mp3s like 26th or 25th?Thanks.

  • Can i get listening audio tape script, pls? Especially for 36th TOPIK l (Beginner level) and 37th TOPIK l (Beginner Level) old questions. Help me pls..

  • A4. Listen and read. Then answer the questions:
    Phong: Hello. This is 8 537 471.
    Tam: Hello. Is this Phong?
    Phong: Yes. Who’s this?
    Tam: It’s me ,Tam. Will you be free tomorrow evening?
    Phong : Yes, I will.
    Tam: Would you like to see a movie?
    Phong: Sure . What time will it start?
    Tam: It’ll start at seven o’clock. Let’s meet at 6.45.
    Phong: Where will we meet?
    Tam: We’ll meet in front of the movie theater.
    Phong : Great. I’ll see you tomorrow. Don’t be late.

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