TOPIK Writing Section Crash Course

Is the Writing Section your weakest point in the TOPIK Test?

Do TOPIK Essay Writing questions scare you?

Do you find it difficult to express your thoughts clearly in your Korean essay?

Are you not able to get a higher level of TOPIK just because of a low score in TOPIK Writing section?

You are not alone!

Actually most of the people score the lowest in the writing section of TOPIK II.

And because of that they are not able to get the desired TOPIK level.

When asked why they scored low in the TOPIK writing most of the people give one of the following reasons:

My Grammar is weak. I don’t know many advanced level grammar patterns or can’t use them correctly.

I don’t know many words. So, I can’t express myself well. Sometimes I can’t even understand the essay topic clearly because I don’t know some words.

I think my essay writing is not that bad but I don’t know why I get such a low score. May be my sentences are not ‘advanced enough’.

Actually, the real problem is none of the above.

  • The real problem is that you don’t know what the examiners want to read in your essays.
  • The real problem is that you don’t know how to write a great high scoring essay without learning new ‘advanced level’ grammar or vocabulary. Your existing knowledge of Korean grammar and vocabulary is good enough to write a well structured essay.
  • The real problem is that you don’t know the secrets of comprehending and using the words that you don’t know. Yeah, you read it right. You can even write a complete TOPIK essay without knowing a single word given in the question. Not in every essay but definitely in some cases.
  • The real problem is that you don’t know what is considered a ‘great’ essay in ‘Korean’. Structure, style and flow of a Korean Essay are different from an English Essay. May be you are just applying the wrong rules and techniques when writing your Korean essay.

In last 6 years, we have helped (through our One-on-One online classes) hundreds of Korean language learners who were struggling with Korean writing because of the problems we mentioned above. Our methods literally shocked them. They couldn’t believe they could improve their Korean essay writing skills so quickly without memorizing new grammar and vocabulary for months and years. The methods developed by our experts not only helped them get the desired TOPIK level but also improved their Korean writing skills in general. Now, they were able to frame their sentences in a better way, organize and express their thoughts more clearly.

Problem was that only those of our readers who took online classes from us were able to benefit from those methods. So, we thought why not make a very specific and pointed course addressing the TOPIK Writing Section. and that’s how we came up with –

TOPIK Writing Section Crash Course

Who is this course for?

  • This course is meant for those taking TOPIK test II (aiming for level 3, 4, 5 or 6) in 2017 and wanting to improve their score in the writing section.
  • We  strongly think that the curse will also be useful to those Korean language learners as well who just want to improve their Korean writing skills in general, not for the TOPIK test.

What are the minimum requirements to take this course?

The course is in English so any Korean language learner can take it but we expect you to have at least beginner level Korean language proficiency.

How long will it take me to complete this course.

  • This crash course will have 3 modules and 10 short and crisp video lessons with PDF worksheets.
  • It should take you maximum 2-3 hours to complete the course.

After completing the course what will I be able to do?

By the end of this course:-

  • You will understand what the TOPIK evaluators want to see in your Korean essays and how they mark them.
  • You will be able to write well structured and high scoring Korean essays. Yup, without learning new grammar and vocabulary for weeks and months.
  • You will be able to write better sentences and paragraphs in Korean, using your existing knowledge of Korean grammar and vocabulary.
  • You will be able to boost your score in TOPIK Writing Section and get the desired level.

The course will be launched this December!

If you are planning to take TOPIK test in 2017 and are interested in the course, let us know your email ID and you will be the first to know when the course is launched.