Welcome to TOPIK GUIDE, the first and most comprehensive website dedicated to Test of Proficiency in Korean(한국어능력시험). The sole purpose of this website is to help Korean language learners get success in TOPIK test. TOPIK GUIDE was the first website to compile all study resources for TOPIK at one place and in a user friendly manner. From previous TOPIK papers & answer sheets to listening section audio files; from comprehensive vocabulary lists to grammar explanations, everything is available for users to download with just one click. No Javascripts, No irritating security extension installations, No notices in complicated Korean. We try to make your TOPIK test preparation as smooth and effective as possible.


Satish, Founder of TOPIK GUIDE
Satish, Founder of TOPIK GUIDE

We are a wonderful team of passionate researchers from top Korean and foreign universities specializing in Korean language and linguistics. Most of our team members are native Korean speakers but some are foreigners as well. Most of us have a Masters or PhD in Korean language or linguistics or language education from a Korean university. The native Korean members have the opinion that the foreigner members are better in Korean language than them. But the foreigner members think they are really bad at Korean. 🙂 Amazing thing is that a foreigner Korean learner leads the team. You guessed it right! It’s Satish, the founder and Chief Editor of TOPIK GUIDE. In fact he is the person who is most committed to TOPIK GUIDE and 80-90% content of the website is contributed by him only. We just assist him with content development, editing and technical stuff. Satish is from India and has been living in Seoul since 2010. He completed his Bachelors Degree in Korean Language and Literature from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi and Masters in Korean Language Education from Seoul National University. Currently he is pursuing PhD in Korean language education and is involved in several projects related to Korean language.

As a team we are committed to helping Korean language learners get success in the TOPIK test. Honestly speaking, We don’t consider ourselves TOPIK experts or something. We are also Korean language learners like you. It’s just that we have spent a long time studying Korean language and understand the problems of Korean language learners very well. Moreover our very research area is – Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language (외국어로서의 한국어교육). So we know how to make your Korean language study and TOPIK preparation easier. TOPIK GUIDE Team has been consistently involved in research on TOPIK test – its grammar and vocabulary, changing question and evaluation patterns etc for more than 6 years and that is why TOPIK GUIDE is the most reputed and trusted name on internet when it comes to TOPIK test.


We love to get mails or comments from our readers. We really appreciate any feedback on the content or design of the website, any suggestions for improvements or any study tips or material that you want to contribute. Any queries about our TOPIK Self-Study Package are also welcome. You can contact us through our Contact PageFacebook or Twitter. You can also mail us at admin @topikguide.com. Most of the times we respond immediately or within 1-2 hours.

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