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Today let's see the usage of ~(으)로 말미암아 and its conjugation rules with some example sentences.


The usage is quite simple like other grammar points like ~는 탓에 and ~는 바람에 which is used to express reason or cause in the first clause which resulted in the failure of the second clause of the sentence.

The word "말미암아" itself means come from, arise from, be derived from, be owing to, be due to etc. 

It is equivalent to saying because of, due to or owing to….

(으)로 말미암아

~으로 말미암아

owing to 

~으로 말미암아

because of 

~으로 말미암아

in consequence of 

~으로 말미암아

on account of 

~으로 말미암아

in accordance with 

The rule to conjugate : 
  1. If the word doesn't ends with a final consonant (받침) but instead ends with a vowel, then 로 말미암아 is used.
  2. If the word ends with a final consonant (밧침) then 으로 말미암아 is used.

Let's see some sentences as an example :
  • 환경 오염으로 말미암아 생태계는 큰 변화를 가져오게 되었다.

Environmental pollution has brought about great changes to the ecosystem.

In the above sentence we can see how (환경 오염) environmental pollution is the reason for (큰 변화) big change in the (생태계) ecosystem.

1) 운전 부주의로 말미암은 사고

An accident due to careless driving.


2) 어머님은 폭설로 말미암아 오시지 못했다

My mother couldn't come because of the heavy snow.


3) 그의 실패는 태만으로 말미암은 것이다

His failure is due to negligence.

4) 이것으로 말미암아 안보의 문제가 발생하다.

Due to this, security problem is created.

5) 그는 병으로 말미암아 쇠약해졌다

He was weakened due to illness.

6) 그것은 그의 태만으로 말미암아 일어났다.

It happened because of his negligence.

7) 그는 불행으로 말미암아 절망에 빠졌다.

He fell into despair from misfortune.

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