TOPIK 2014 [2014년도 한국어능력시험 안내]

For those who are planning to take TOPIK (Test of proficiency in Korean) in 2014, here are all the details about the TOPIK test schedule in year 2014. From 2014, TOPIK will be held 5 times in a year. So there will be 5 TOPIK tests in 2014:- 33rd TOPIK, 34th TOPIK, 35th TOPIK, 36th TOPIK and 37th TOPIK. For other details on this test like Test structure, application process etc. you can read this post: TOPIK – The Complete Guide. For the details of test sites and institutions to register for the TOPIK test in different countries check this POST. For further details about TOPIK test in your country please contact the local Korean embassy.

TOPIK 2014 Exam Dates

Exam Korea The Americas, Europe, Africa Asia.Central Asia, Austrailia Remarks
33rd Exam 19th Jan(Sun) Korea Only
34th Exam 20th Apr(Sun) 19th Apr (Sat) 20th Apr(Sun)
35th Exam 20th July(Sun) Korea only
36th Exam 12th Oct(Sun) 11th Oct(Sat) 12th Oct(Sun)
37th Exam 23rd Nov(Sun) Korea only

TOPIK 2014 Application Dates(Korean dates)

Exam Date How to apply Remarks
33rd Exam 5th Dec 2013(Thu) ~
18th Dec 2013(Wed)
· Korea : Online application,
group application
Korea Only
34th Exam 11th Feb 2014(Tue) ~24th Feb(Mon) · Korea : Online application,
group application
· Overseas : Apply through the
nation’s affiliated institution
35th Exam 9th June 2014(Mon) ~18th June (Wed) · Korea : Online application,
group application
Korea only
36th Exam 16th Aug 2014 (Sat) ~25th Aug (Mon) · Korea : Online application,
group application
· Overseas : Apply through the
nation’s affiliated institution
37th Exam 15th Oct 2014(Wed) ~24th Oct (Fri) · Korea : Online application,
group application
Korea only
**Date may be different for application from overseas. Please check with the nation’s affiliated institution.

 TOPIK 2014 Test Timings

Difficulty 1st half 2nd half Remarks
Beginner 09:00~10:30(90min) 11:00~12:30(90min)
  • Morning(Beginner, Advanced)
  • Afternoon (Intermediate))
Intermediate 14:00~15:30(90min) 16:00~17:30(90min)
Advanced 09:00~10:30(90min) 11:00~12:30(90min)
**1st and 2nd half will be combined to single test in China

– Beginner.Advanced: 09:00 ~ 12:00
– Intermediate: 14:00 ~ 17:00

TOPIK 2014 Test Result Announcement Dates

Test 33rd Exam 34th Exam 35th Exam 36th Exam 37th Exam
Announcement date 10th Feb (Mon) 30th may (Fri) 5th Aug (Tue) 10th Nov (Mon) 10th Dec (Wed)
**Announcement will be at 15:00 (Korean Time) on the above dates on the exam website (
For further details you can contact Korean Embassy in your country or visit the official TOPIK website:

******TOPIK GUIDE wishes you ALL THE BEST******

TOPIK - The Self-Study Package Guarantee


  1. Angelie says

    And how can i know the procedure for the payment? Do i need to go the venue? When is the deadline. Thank u very much

  2. Wan Yoke Fong says

    Hi , how and where can i know the result ?? My result out date is on the 10/11 but i don’t know where to see my result.

  3. mohanraj says

    hello sir
    i have been working in south korea for two years and i have a little knowledge in korean language.i would like to do topik exams which level you recommend me to do now and please let me know how can i get the application form.further i need to know what would be the benefits if i could pass these exams.i am looking forward your reply.
    thanking you



  5. soumya says

    Hi satish as i see the test dates i have barely two months to prepare…….in two months can i pass level2 or i should just apply for level1……my korean proficiency is very basic….please let me know ASAP.

    • says

      As level 1 & 2 are the same test you don’t need to prepare for them separately.. just aim for level 2 and even if are not able to get it, you will get level 1..

      • says

        안녕하습니까? 선생님. 우리는 캄보디아 사람입니다. 이 시험을 하고 싶은데 어떻께 하면 시험할까요? 줌 알려 주세요. 지금은 난 캄보디아에서 살았어요.예, 우리 한국 시험을 좋은 시험 받으면 외국나라에 공부하면돼요? 그리고 뭐가 빌요 해요? 미한해요 제가 한국어 조금 잘해서 조금 틀리면 정말 미안합니다..수고하십시오. 갑사합니다.

        • chay says

          I am cambodian citizen, u can study korean topik at our KSC , korean study center, if u want to prepare the test in advanced, our center can help u to register the test , nice day, u can contact my number here 8550966575751

  6. rabi shrestha says

    can a person who have little knowledge about Korean language fill up form diectly for topic level 2 without passing level 1?

  7. rabi shrestha says

    I am working in korea for 2 year. can I admit directly level 2 topik
    exam without passing level 1?

  8. md.iqramul islam says

    I am from Bangladesh and I live in Korea from 28th October of 2008. May I know, when and from where I can apply for TOPIK exam?

    • TOPIK GUIDE says

      Next TOPIK will be in July and we will notify here when the registrations start. Keep checking our website or facebook page.

  9. Ernie W says


    I heard that the validity of TOPIK is 2 years.
    What is that suppose to mean? I understand that for example, if I take TOPIK in order to apply for any Korea University, the validity might be an issue.
    But if I plan to take TOPIK for applying a job, would the validity become an issue? I mean, we can still use the TOPIK certificate to apply a job even after that 2 years, right?
    Can you please let me be more clear about this?
    Thanks in advance! :)

  10. Asghar says

    Sir, I heard test is going to be announced in april in pakistan, is it correct? please let me know asap.

          • imran abid says

            thanks to reply sir. I also have not seen the Pakistan sides in the list. Could you please tell me the procedure to take TOPIK in Korea or in some else country.Is Korea offer visa for TOPIK Test or not .I have to take it in April.Please guide me in this matter. I also want to ask that how much vocabulary needed to pas level 3.

          • TOPIK GUIDE says

            Ofcourse you can take TOPIK in Korea. There is no specific visa for TOPIK; you can visit on any visa (ex: tourist/work/business) and take the test here.
            For more details about the test check this post and also have a look at past papers. You will get the idea. All the Best.

  11. Hari says

    I want to know the process to get and fill the form for topik exam, can you please suggest me the website name and process to fill up the form for coming exam?

  12. Jia Min says

    Thanks for the info! By the way I just took my intermediate test today, and I heard other students talking about TOPIK test structure going to be changed next year, do you know anything about this? Something about intermediate and advanced level being combined into one test?

    • TOPIK GUIDE says

      There is no official information about it yet. I will let you know on this website and on our facebook page if any big structural change is introduced in the test. :)

      • Jia Min says

        Ok, thanks a lot! By the way, the “Download 32nd TOPIK test paper” link doesn’t seem to be working, I can’t open the post, be it on mobile or laptop…

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