Download 31st TOPIK Test Papers (제31회 한국어능력시험 기출 문제)

31st TOPIK Beginner Level (한국어 능력 시험 31 초급)

Test Paper

Answer Sheet

31stTOPIK Intermediate Level (한국어 능력 시험 31중급)

Test Paper

Answer Sheet

31st TOPIK Advanced Level (한국어 능력 시험 31고급)

Test Paper

Answer Sheet


If your find any problem downloading the files, just let me know in the comment. I will try to resolve the problem as soon as possible.


  1. Lee Hae says

    Hi! I can’t download the audio files from the 31st test to the previous ones.. Every time I try the save us option, I get an HTML file instead of a zip file and when I try to open it in a new tab/window it directs me to the site and Page error flashes on my screen. Is the TOPIK site down or it’s just me?

  2. nickol kennedy says

    why you uploaded files specially audio files in a very slow and bad server??? please change your server to a strong server. and this audio file that I downloaded has some parts. (other courses just had 1 audio file in that zip file. please check as soon as possible.

  3. Cel says

    I have trouble when I try to open the file for the begginer level test papers, I can download it, but the file have errors and don’t open, can you please help me with this?

  4. amith says

    hello sir,i want a topik past paper in sri lanka. this one is to hard to me,how to find sri lanka topik exam past paper.please help me. thanx a lot this amazing web site.

      • says

        sir here in nepal, The EPS topic exame are going to held on 20th, oct 2013. so i need currently held exam paper of 2013 in many of coutries like vietnam, srilank, philipins and many other. we are in trouble sir becasue this year pattern of paper will compltetly changed. so help ous plz and post here if u found .

  5. elnie says

    hello, i cant open the website of topik to my computer i wanna know the result of 31st topik exam of beginners. thanks

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