TOPIK 2013 [2013년도 한국어능력시험 안내]

For those who are planning to take TOPIK in the next year here are all the details about the TOPIK (Test of proficiency in Korean) test schedule in year 2013. As usual, TOPIK will be held four times in year 2013:- 29th TOPIK, 30th TOPIK, 31st TOPIK and 32nd TOPIK. For other details on this test like Test structure, application process etc. you can read this post: TOPIK – The Complete Guide

TOPIK 2013 Exam Dates

Exam Korea The Americas, Europe, Africa Asia.Central Asia, Austrailia Remarks
29th Exam 1.20(Sun) Korea Only
30th Exam 4.21(Sun) 4.20(Sat) 4.21(Sun)
31st Exam 7.21(Sun) Korea only
32nd Exam 10.20(Sun) 10.19(Sat) 10.20(Sun)

TOPIK 2013 Application Dates(Korean dates)

Exam Date How to apply Remarks
29th Exam ‘12.12.13(Thu) ~
· Korea : Online application,
group application
Korea Only
30th Exam ‘13.02.12(Tue) ~ 02.25(Mon) · Korea : Online application,
group application
· Overseas : Apply through the
nation’s affiliated institution
31st Exam ‘13.06.12(Wed) ~ 06.25(Tue) · Korea : Online application,
group application
Korea only
32nd Exam ‘13.08.07(Wed) ~ 08.20(Tue) · Korea : Online application,
group application
· Overseas : Apply through the
nation’s affiliated institution
**Date may be different for application from overseas. Please check with the nation’s affiliated institution.

 TOPIK 2013 Test Timings

Difficulty 1st half 2nd half Remarks
Beginner 09:00~10:30(90min) 11:00~12:30(90min)
  • Morning(Beginner, Advanced)
  • Afternoon (Intermediate))
Intermediate 14:00~15:30(90min) 16:00~17:30(90min)
Advanced 09:00~10:30(90min) 11:00~12:30(90min)
**1st and 2nd half will be combined to single test in China

– Beginner.Advanced: 09:00 ~ 12:00
– Intermediate: 14:00 ~ 17:00

TOPIK 2013 Test Result Announcement Dates

Test number 29th Exam 30th Exam 31st Exam 32nd Exam
Announcement date ‘13.02.04(Mon) ‘13.05.30(Thu) ‘13.08.02(Fri) ‘13.12.03(Tue)
**Announcement will be at 15:00 on the above dates on the exam website (
For further details you can contact Korean Embassy in your country or visit the official TOPIK website:

******TOPIK GUIDE wishes you ALL THE BEST******


  1. Neha singh says

    hello sir ,
    i am applying for graduate studies (doctoral program in chemistry) in korea and an important requirement is TOPIK with grade 3.. i need to apply there in fall 2014 ,can u please guide me about how to prepare to achieve grade 3.. where can i get help in my preparation.. how to apply n when ..?

    • TOPIK GUIDE says

      Preparation will depend on your current level in Korean language.
      If you have no previous background in Korean language and start from alphabet, it would be near impossible to clear TOPIK level 3 with self study by this fall.

      • Neha says

        Hello sir,
        I have no background for korean language. .can u suggest me where I can find proper learning for the same .. also during doctoral program they teach korean so is it possible to enter any Korean university without topik test and gain the certificate there only .during the course of my program. .

        • TOPIK GUIDE says

          Which place are you living in currently? There are plenty of resource to learn Korean online. You can also get personal tuition or something like that if you can afford.

          • Neha says

            I am currently residing in Sonipat, haryana.. india..pls tell me the all possible options. . Even tuitions personally I can afford that ….also tell me answer to second part of my question I asked u previously. … if its possible entry without topik n certificate can be earned later on …..

          • TOPIK GUIDE says

            Neha, It depends on the university/department/ scholarship you are applying to. There is no unified criteria for all Korean universities. So, it would be better if you could confirm with concerned department. As far as I know, having TOPIK score helps but it’s not mandatory. First check with them and then write to me.

  2. reason rana says

    hi satish sir namaskar
    i am reason rana from damak jhapa
    plz sir hajurle mind garnu hunna bhane malae yo aaune exam ma kasto tayaree hunu best hunxa vanne thorai advice dinuhunxa kee ?
    yo mero email address ho

    thank you sir.

  3. P. Nalini says

    Hello Satish,
    I would like to know how to apply for TOPIK in India.
    Though I know that the test centers are in Delhi and Chennai, I do not know how to go about it. Please help.

    • TOPIK GUIDE says

      The Korean Embassy in Delhi issues notifications for TOPIK registration twice a year… you can call them in early February or early July for exact dates.. You need to submit 2 photographs with Rs. 500 as registration fees.. I have heard they refund a second class Indian railway ticket fare if you go to Delhi to submit the from from other regions.. Someone else can also fill up and submit the application form on your behalf.. hope it helps…

  4. Dreamer says

    Hi, I was searching TOPIK course on internet and found this site very helpful. I want to ask you a question. It is said that I must pass at least level 3 of TOPIK test to change my visa to E 7 but I don’t know if I need to complete just level 3 or level 1 and level 2 too. Do you have any idea? or I can’t go for intermediate before completing beginner level?

    and if i obtain over 70% marks on beginner level I directly get level 2 certificate (then i do not need level 1), is that true?

    • JAHONGIR says

      i can answer to your ” I can’t go for intermediate before completing beginner level?” question, it isnt true, if u are ready for intermediate level u can directly apply for TOPIK 3 or 4. and about assigning level in TOPIK is divided into 2 parts. if u gain 50-70% of all test in each section, ur level will be I in beginner, III in intermediate, VI in advanced. if u get more than 70% of all tests in each section, u will get II or IV, or VI.

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